Tuesday 8/25/2009

8:42 AM – Woke up early around 6:30 AM.  Rode my bike into work (5.5 miles).  It was a little chilly.

9:04 AM – Roy just came in with a egg and cheese biscuit (YUM) : 1 fist

4:00 PM – Great Day, lunch with Arrick.  Learned marketing practices.
– ate pulled chicken BBQ sandwich with cole slaw & salad: 2 fist

6:30 PM – Biked home (5.5 miles) the sun was hot.  My trip home was a little difficult, my legs were tired.
– Had Dinner
– 1 pork chop, 2 spoons of baked beans, 3 spoons of macaroni and cheese. 1 sliver of spahetti squash,
– and a slice of amish colby cheese while I was grilling the pork chops. : 3 fists

-played on the web for a bit, almost got a late night snack, but I was a good boy!

Great Day for self disipline: 6 fists of food; 11 miles on the bike!


Monday 8/24/2009 *First Day*

Hello WOWP (World of WordPress),

I’m just going to start right off without much of a background of myself, simply because I plan on blogging at work and for the sake of productivity need to keep it to a five minute minimum (official “if the boss reads this” disclaimer).

My cardiologist (Dr. Pizlo) has advised me to start a blog on my excercise and diet regimin.  This blog is designed to keep me accountable for health changes, and to help me self reflect internal habits that are created.

So… it begins:  Yesterday I started my day out with a morning commute to work via bicycle.  It was a little chilly on my hands in the morning (I need to remember to purchase some gloves).  I really enjoy riding my bike in the morning because the wind is calm and the air is crisp.  When I got to work I drank a couple of bottles of water (20 fl. oz) and worked on the computer for a couple of hours.  I left early to go to the Doctors office (which was in Indy).  On My way I had a Mushroom and Swiss Angus sandwich, which made my stomach gassy. 

I went to the doctor and got her report on my progress.  I lost 7 lbs. in a month!  Down from 359 to 352.  She was more excited than me.  I was really hoping for much more.  I had explained to her that I was riding my bike 11 miles during weekdays (to and from work).  She immediately asked me if I had been rewarding my excercise with bigger portions of meals, and I had been 😦  So quickly let me know that I am not to exceed my portioned amount or I will have difficulty dropping weight.

I left her office and purchased a ham and cheese sub from a truck stop for the ride home.  It was bland but filling, I had a water as well (I hardly miss pop at all now).

When I got home, I had my wife transport me back out to the office (my bike was still there), and I rode it home.  I stopped at my dad’s for a bit and conversed with him for about 20 minutes.

When I got home my wife had cooked steak, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and spaghetti squash (how good that is).  I explained to her about portion control and we dropped some of the portions from this plate.  I had about 1 fist of steak and a fist of everything else.

Excercise: 11 miles on bicycle

Food Intake: Mushroom and Swiss Burger (2 fists), ham and cheese sub (2 fists), and steak and beans (2 fists) 

Total Fists: 6 (optimum)