Tuesday 9/29/2009 – A blur of a day

Breakfast: Special K bar (90) – 1/3 fist
Coffee /w .5 tbs of sugar (25) ~ only drank half cup
Lunch: 1 Pulled Pork sandwich (464) – 1 fist
10 saltines (150) – 1/2 fist
snack: Trail Mix bar (140) -1/3 fist
Dinner: Sausage links (360) – 1 fist
Potato /w cheese & butter (370) – 1 fist
Salad /w dressing (165) – 1/2 fist
Yogurt (100) – 1/3 fist
Snack: Fruit Roll-up (50) 1/3 fist
3 water /w fruit punch packet (30)

Total Calories: 1944
Total Fists: 5 1/3
Total Exercise: 0

I had one of those days at work, where I feel that I worked hard the entire day, but as I look back at it.  I can’t remember what I did.  I update the site a little more.  I made some phone calls to advertising magazines to check on placement.  I sent a ton of emails, but it seems so spread out.  Josh is on vacation so I get a lot of the calls he would handle.  So I simply just jumped around all day.

The wind in the morning was still howling, but the weatherman said that it would soon be stopping.  I chose not to ride my bike to work for a second day in a row.

For lunch I warmed up the pulled pork sandwich that I had stored from Monday (Roy Sr. cooked).  It was just as good out of the microwave.

I worked a little late, because I wanted to finish the page on the website and I was so close, and I knew if I didn’t finish today.  I would have to refocus tomorrow.

I went home.  Dev was already there, she was cooking sausage and potatoes.  I waited for supper and ate, then I think I vegetated untill about 9:00.

I went upstairs to work on Cardinal College Leasing, and I couldn’t keep my head up.  So I snuck into bed.  The day went by so fast!  I am not sure I did anything productive.


Monday 9/28/2009 – Windy with a chance of bad grades!

snack: 2 Special K bars (180) – 1/2
lunch: pulled pork sandwich (350); cheese 4 slices (400) beans (200) – 3
Dinner: crackers (240) Chili & cheese (450) milk (130) 2.5
snack: 1 fruit roll up (50) 1 granola bar (140)
drinks: 4 water /w fruit punch packet (40)

Total Fist: 6.5 😐
Total Exercise: 2 miles on treadmill (windy outside)
Total Calories: 2180  🙂

I remember waking up in the middle of the night to the house cracking and popping and eerie sounds streaming from the windows.  I faintly remember the sound of lightning early in the night.

I immediately knew that a bike ride this morning was out of the question.  The wind was coming out of the west at an alarming rate, and the temperature had dropped considerably.  So I drove to work.  I went in about a half an hour early, since I was prepared to ride my bike.  When I arrived Roy had a dinosaur monitor and computer he was carrying up to Josh’s office, so I assisted him.  I was surprised at how winded I became carrying that monitor up the stairs.  My asthma was really bad.

At work I worked on the website a little more.  Josh was on vacation so I had to do a lot of running throughout the day on the piddly stuff.  Gosh I miss him.

Roy Sr. brought lunch and he served me a whopping plate.  He gave me two pulled pork sandwiches.  He served my lunch on a Styrofoam plate that was divided up into about 5 sections, one section being allocated for the entre.  He filled that container full of baked beans (I would say 1 cup full of baked beans).  Then he broke out 4 kinds of cheese all sliced individually.  I am sucker for cheese.  So my lunch was quite extravagant.  I saved one of the sandwiches in the refrigerator.  He is a really good cook, and it’s amazing how he takes such great pride in serving up lunch.

I called Lori’s geography teacher, because she scored a bad mark on the test.  He told me that there was a parent/teacher conference tonight.  I had it on my calendar, but I didn’t read my calendar!  😮

So I rushed home @ 4:00 , hopped on the treadmill for about 45 minutes, and got dressed and headed to the parent/teacher conference.  I received Lori’s grade report from the counselor, and my heart jumped into my stomach when I seen the grades.

I keep a constant check on Lori’s schoolwork.  I try and ask her everyday, how her schoolwork is coming.  I have her tell me about her day, hour by hour.  She gives me reports about her grades and her status.  Her reports and the marks on this paper were conflicting reports.  I was furious!

I tried to keep a level head, and I spoke with 5 of her teachers in a calm tone, but when we got to the English teacher.  She wasn’t even listening to what he was saying.  She was staring off into space.  I interrupted his lecture, and had to immediately get out of the gym, before I exploded.  I calmly got in the truck and drove home, while Kaelyn argued with her mom over staying longer at a friends house.

When we got home, I stayed in the truck.  I asked Lori to sit with me.  I explained to her about life.  I told her how as a child I had always wanted a perfect child.  I wanted the best for her.  I wanted her to go to college.  I explained that there were two kinds of college grads in life.  The kind that has money and the kind that has to make it on their own.  Unfortunately, she was born into the side without money.

I explained how she would have to organize.  The problem in her classes is not that she doesn’t grasp the concept.  Hell, her geography teacher said she didn’t even put her name on two assignments!  This is the seventh grade!

I told her, that I was done preaching.  I was done pleading.  She was on her honor.  I didn’t do this because I was angry.  I did this because this is what she needs.  I explained that she would still be punished for poor grades, but the day to day homework lectures, and the drilling about her day’s status.  It was over!

I finally went inside, and Dev had chili steaming for me.  It was good.  I turned on the television, and Monday night football was on.  Cowboys vs. Carolina.  I like the Cowboys.  However, I got tired by half time, and hopped in the shower.  Before half time was over I was tiptoing upstairs to bed.

Dev was already in bed, and the wind was still howling through the windows.  She had that look in her eye, that look I knew all to well.  I like that look.  I actually live for that look.  The look says hey it’s not all business.  Let’s have a few rounds of fun.  Let’s play with a little bit of magic.  And that we did!  And as always, it was amazing… twice!

Sunday 9/27/2009 – Colts win again

Breakfast: 2 pancakes and 3 slices of bacon & Glass of milk(3 fists)
snack: granola bar (1/2 fist)
Dinner: Chili (2 fists)
snacks: popcorn (1 fist) & fruit roll-ups and yogurt (1 fist)
snacks: special K bars & oat snacks (1 fist)

Total Food: 8 fists 😦
Total Bike: 0 miles

I was woke up by Dev, and a plate of breakfast.  We played in the bed for a half an hour or so, then I headed back to bed.  The house fell quiet, and I didn’t wake back up untill 3:00 PM!  I slept the day away!

I awoke and Dev was gone (Muncie shopping).  So I went downstairs and turned on football.  I caught the tail end of the early games, and watched most of the evening games.  I snacked on just about anything I could get my hands on.

The Colts came on at 7:30 and I watched that game until time for bed.  Showered and went to bed.  /yawn

Saturday 9/26/2009 – Ducktail Run

Breakfast: Ham & Cheese skillet (2 fists)
lunch: ham salad sandwich & cole slaw (2 fists)
Dinner: Chili (2 fists)

Woke up around 9:30.  It felt really nice to sleep in!  Actually laid in bed for awhile.  After getting up we got the family dressed and headed toward Hartford City to catch breakfast at Richard’s restaraunt.

We walked into Richards we arrived with another family of 5, so it seemed as if 10 of us were walking through together.  I heard a disgruntled waitress say, “Ok here they come” in a derogatory tone.  I told the hostess that we were not together, but I had to immediately run to the little boys room.  When I came out we were stationed in the back of the restaraunt, and there wasn’t a light anywhere near are table.  I felt like I was in a bar.  The waitress forgot my fruit, Landon’s straw, My wife’s biscuit, and I watched a nearby table get the entire wrong entre.  The food took every bit of 45 minutes to be served and Devon ordered salad.  She eventually thought since we hadn’t received it in 20 minutes we should just go get our own at the salad bar.  The waitress finally showed up with her salad, and she already made her own.  So she charged us for the salad bar!  /sigh

We endured breakfast, and the food actually was really good.  Although Devon never did get her biscuit.  She didn’t want to leave a tip, but I encouraged her to leave $4.00.  I tried to keep an optimistic outlook on the day, and I didn’t want to let a shabby dining experience ruin the morning.

We walked out to the truck, and I picked on landon, and waited for Devon to polish off a cigarette.  It seems to settle her mood a little.

We got a little lost on our way to the Ducktail run.  Dad knew a back way in to the park so we wouldn’t have to wait in traffic.  But with highway 26 being detoured near Upland we went down a backroad.  We eventually found where we were going.

The cars at the Ducktail were amazing.  We found the shelter house where the Crown City Cruisers were located.  They get the same one every year.  It is located directly in the middle of the park between two roads.  It makes it great for golf cart access.  Speaking of Golf Cart access.  The Ducktail Run is now being overran by golf carts.  It is terrible.  We actually couldn’t walk around them, and they would stop in the middle of the road and talk to each other, thus blocking the whole road.  It had rained solid for the past two days, so if you weren’t on the pavement, you were in the mud.

I grabbed a chair and plotted myself in front of John and Marilyn Teer’s Mustang.  Which was on the west road.  It was fun to sit there and watch a parade of awesome cars go by (again every 4th vehicle was a golf cart).  There was some pretty women too, which is fine!  I am a girl watcher and always will be.

I sit there for a few hours and all of the sudden i was getting dizzy,  it hit me that I had been sucking exhaust fumes the whole time.   I stepped back into the shelter house and cleared my head.  Decided it was best to leave to get some fresh air.

Went home got home when it was dark, then ate.  Devon was feeling a little dizzy as well.  I got showered up and headed to the Dunkirk Legion.  Kevin Tighe was doing DJ and Karaoke.  There were a ton of locals that showed up and I had a great time.  Pam got a little too drunk and needed to be taken home.  Then I went home.  Great night!

Friday 9/25/2009 – family bowling

Lunch: Burrito Supreme (2 fist)
Dinner: Bowl of Chili, cheese, crackers (3 1/2 fists)
Late Snack: 1 cup of milk – 2% (1/2 fist)

Total Food: 6 fists 🙂
Total Bike: 0 miles

Work went smoothly, I had an advertising meeting in Hartford City at 1:30 with the News Times.  The local newspapers are unique trying to compete in the Internet age.  I was the only attendee at the meeting!  So I endured it, and tried to keep a positive attitude.

After work I had to run to Cardinal College Leasing to pull their database, so that I can work on it this weekend.  It was raining all day, and traffic was moving at a snail’s pace.

I got home around 6:00, and was unpleasantly surprised by the fact the my girls did not have any of their chores done.  They get to watching television and procrastinate at doing their tasks.  I spent a few hours following them around, forcing them to do their chores at an elevated pace.  I induced a few tears in the process.  I am a little hard on em, but I think it is good for their future.

After we ate (Devon cooked chili).  Oh wait!  I wanted to say the we used a chili powder mix from Skyline(r) we bought at the store, and all I can say is “yuck!”  It tasted like it had cinnamon in it.  Chili and cinnamon do not mix.

We went to Crown City Lanes which is a bowling alley in Dunkirk Indiana, and bowled 2 games.  My high game was a 145.  The kids had a good time, and I think Landon scored a 31.

Went home and watched the Survivor episode I had missed the beginning part on Thursday on hulu.com.  Then I went to bed.

Gibson’s Skating Arena – A blast from my past

I knew the directions like I knew the back of my hand.  I had been to Muncie many times, but I hadn’t been to Gibson’s in 20+ years.  I drove from Memorial Street, turned left at the 12th street cafe (been there for years), then down Mock until it appeared of the rows of houses.  I pulled into the parking lot, and I started to remember, but not entirely!  The parking lot is not something that children remember.  I walked up to the front door.

In I stepped and it came flooding back.  The foyer was lined with wood and trimmed in the same color wood (rustic).  There was a huge glass window on the right, and trinkets set inside.  The setting was if it was a trophy case full of medals.  I noticed Garfield (a major icon for Muncie Indiana) with roller skates on.  I crouched down to peek into the ticket booth.  The lady said, “How many?”  I said “four.”   She said “That’ll be eight dollars.”  So I paid her.

I never had to crouch before (I am 6′ 10″).  I remember even glaring up at this booth from the tip of my toes, heart pounding wildly as I couldn’t bare to wait any longer for the buzzer to sound and the door would be able to open and I could bust inside.  I was a little more relaxed now, although I understood how my kids felt.

As I peered through the threshold, I was amazed!  I looked out into the sea of open white flooring, surround by a rustic wall, and in the middle was a silhouette.  My eyes took forever to focus it was as if my mind couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing.  It was amazing!  The lady out on the floor, she was..  She is?  No way!

I shook my head, got my bearings; I even think I wiped my eyes.  It was if nothing had changed.  I looked away to the right, and the room full of mirrors, was exactly as it was.  The were people practicing Karate, but I remember dancing like a rabbit to “You can’t touch this” by M.C. Hammer.  I stood for hours in front of those mirrors doing the “Hammer Dance” on Friday nights.  This dance is equivalent to running on a treadmill without having a treadmill under you.  You don’t move because you slide your legs backwards as your repositioning your other legs.  I probably couldn’t do it for 1 minute now without stopping to catch my breath.

Ok, now back to Arena.  I moved clockwise around the building…  Arcade games, check! Seating and Locker area, check! food and drink vendor, check! skate rental area, check!  DJ booth, check! and last, but definitely not least; the miniature golf course, check!  It was all there.  Preserved like a fly in syrup.

Before I walked in, I couldn’t tell you anything about the inside.  My mind had replaced it with many other memories.  It was, as if; it was a dream, and I had to think about what it was, before I remembered that I could remember.

I peek back out at the rink, the lady now on her knees scraping diligently away at the floor.  She had to be 65 years old.  Her hair was white, and permed and sculpted perfectly on top of her head.  Her orange t-shirt was layered with an orange vest, which had a white cross (reflective pattern) on her back.  She had Blue jean shorts on and her legs were toned with a glare from stylish pantyhose.  Not exactly what you might expect from a 65 year old lady.

She hadn’t changed a bit in 20 years!  She skated into her DJ booth with a patented twist on her skates.  I could remember like it was yesterday.  My heart started to beat wildly.

Money, age, weight, children, wife, work, God, house, car…  They all disappeared.  I had nothing but memories of fun!  A time in my life when I didn’t know what responsibility was.  I went a lot in elementary school, and I went there every Friday in my junior high years.  My mom would drop me off at 6:30 and pick me up at 8:00.  I would spend equal amounts of time skating and dancing.

I remember explicitly going with my cousins (Matt & Ryan).  The were good at dancing.  I had dressed up with a nice shirt.  My stonewashed jeans where rolled up at the ankles and clipped tight with a bobby pin.  I was sporting the new Jordan’s, and I was dancing with the black guys.  Which I don’t intend to be racial.  It was actually an honor to move into their realm of dancing!

Skating on the other hand, was always medium at best.  I was tall and lanky as a teenager.  I could float around the rink and eventually mastered turning using the foot over foot pattern, but I rarely competed in the races.  There was an activity where you started in the middle and raced to a corner when the DJ yelled out what corner you should go to.  This gave me a little edge, because it wasn’t all racing talent.

Life at Gibson’s!  How could I forget about that?  It was as if it never happened in my life, until I was faced with it again.  Is this normal?  Should I encourage myself to think about my childhood for memory’s sake?  What else is out there that makes me happy that adulthood has taken from me?  I need to re-evaluate my priorities, because last night I felt unmistakably happy, and I couldn’t stop smiling!

Thank you Gibson’s skating arena.  Thank you to the lady that has spent her life building children’s memories, and providing a fun place for generations of people.

Thursday 9/24/2009 – Rainy Day

Breakfast: Micky D’s Bacon Egg & Cheese (1 fist)
Puerto Vallarta: Burrito w/ beans & rice (2 1/2 fists) *darn chips*
snack: popcorn (1 fist)
Dinner: 8 hot wings (2 fists)/ turkey sandwich (1 fist)

Total Food: 7 1/2 fists 😦
Total Bike: 6 miles

I woke up a wee bit late, and had to push myself on my bike ride.  I had a good ride and worked up a good sweat.  My legs were starting to get a little tired on the ride, due to my extensive workout on Wednesday.

I got to work and headed to Muncie to pick up my truck, and to do some work in the server room in Muncie.

My truck had been in the shop since Tuesday @ Midas in Muncie.  They did a fabulous job and I am really pleased.   Brakes on a 4X4 truck with ABS (anti-lock brakes) is going to be costly and my truck was not the exception.  However, I am glad I decided to go with Midas; instead of a shadetree mechanic.

It was nice to be riding in my truck again!  I missed “Ole Mallory”.  I had named my truck after the Mallory from the book “Applied Cryptography” by Bruce Schneier.  Which really shows how big of a geek I really am!

I drove to the Muncie location and worked a little and then decided to meet up with my wife for lunch.  Josh came along with us and we had a blast picking on her.  We went to Puerto Vallarta on Tillotson, and it was good; but this particular Puerto Vallarta is the worst of them all.  Which is still better than most other restaraunts.  The Puerto Vallarta on Broadway is the best, and El Camino Real in Portland is second in my book.

After lunch I went back to the Muncie store, and finished up there.  I then headed back to my office, where I received a phone call from my daughter explaining that there was a skating party @ 6:00.

So when I got off work, I went to pick them up @ Grandma Grogg’s house, because Dad was @ the Ducktail Run car show.  I drove them home and took a quick shower and then I was off to Gibson’s Skating in Muncie.

Once I arrived at Gibson’s Skating Arena, I was blown away with a blast from my past.  I will blog on this in a different post (please read).

I went home and caught the tail end of Survivor.  I missed a very controversial call in which Ben was ejected from a challenge for doing what seems to be part of the game.  I plan on revisiting the website to watch it tonight.

Grey’s anatomy was good, but it always is.  It wasn’t good enough to keep me awake through the entire thing.  I fell asleep during the second hour.