Long Weekend – Back on the saddle again

It has been a long weekend, and I am anxious to get back on the horse.  I did overeat leftovers and now really need to re-establish my diet.  I had a great weekend of relaxation.  I had a great day on Sunday, and finally was able to break away and do some meditation and prayer.  It is hard for me to set aside time to do this, but I really feel empowered when I do.

I went to Brad’s over the weekend and had a little bit of play time.  I wore out the drums on RockBand and then we broke out the old Magic cards, circa 1992; and shuffled together a few decks and began to play.  Just like old times I lost both games.

I went to the Y on Saturday and worked out, and practiced volleyball with Ka-kay.

I will be back on posting track tomorrow, thanks for staying updated.


Thanksgiving 2009

I have been away for a few days.  Been a little busy.  What a time to step back and take a break!

Big Picture.  We had a blast at the family functions.  We went to two family dinners and they went great.  The food was wonderful and I handled myself in the best way I could.  I ate very little at each place, but as the day continued to progress.  I found myself nibbling more and more.

We started out the day in the morning and I cooked up a light breakfast, so I wouldn’t be famished at noon with.  At noon we went to Grandma Grogg’s (my wife’s grandmother and her mom’s side).   When  walked in the aroma of the house was wonderful.  This is the best reminder of what Thanksgiving is about.  Every house in America hopefully smelled the same way!

After spending some time with them, and watching Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade as well as some dog show!  We picked up who we were buying for Christmas and headed for Grandma Weavers (my mother’s).

While there we watched the previous week of Survivor while we waited for Heather and her family to show up.  They showed up around 6:00 and we started to eat again.   I went out and tried my luck at guitar hero then talked for a bit.  We watched the Cowboys game.

After that we went home and watched a Recap version of Survivor.  It was boring.

Went to bed soon after.

Oh yeah!  Bub Dude lost a tooth.  He had been fighting me pulling it out, but finally after a bunch of aggrevation.  He let me pull it.

Star Financial Bank — Oh to be poor

As society pushes the poor to be poorer, and financial institutions are striving to give credit reports on their employee applications.  They are turning to a process of stimulating fees from the poor.

It’s like a parasite sucking the last drops of blood from the very source.

I wrote a check to my wife for $200 to cover some fees for a local volleyball institute.  The institute would not take a check so I used my card.  My wife was supposed to destroy the check.  She did not by accident.

The check went through my bank for a fee (which is standard).  Usually I am able to catch those fees via my online bank and make a transfer from my savings account, but this time it did not prewarn me.

I then noticed that it posted the big check first, in order to suck as much from me as it could.  Therefore even my $10 check for a medical bill was subject to a fee.

So today I paid a total of $76.00 in fees to cover this one oopsie.  A little mistake should cost $5.00 in my opinion, not $76.00!

I called the bank 4 times today and never spoke with anyone that could help me with this or reduce fees.  I had an infringement twice in the past, so I am sure the bank does not care about me, or my money.  I understand that!  However; to make a policy to weight the heavier checks at the top, is un-called for and is ludicris.  It’s like kicking somone when they are down!

Great Job Star Financial Bank on Broadway in Muncie Indiana.

Monday 11/23/09 — volleyball 1-4

Yes!  we lost yet another game, but we had a lot of fun doing it.  We got killed in the first match, but came back in the second one 27-25.  The third one we did really good, but they had a lady that was an ace server and she tore me up.  I couldn’t get the ball in the air.  She hit me for the last 4 points.

After the volleyball game I finally set my keyboard up and practiced.  I will probably give Cheryl (piano teacher) a heart attack when I actually know my lessons. 🙂

I watched a little bit of Monday night football, but didn’t get that into it.  I still need to catch survivor.

I fell asleep on Dev.  She said she rolled over to talk to me and I was out.

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180)
Lunch: chili and salad from Buffalo wings and Rings in Portland (550)
Dinner: Pork Chop; macaroni and cheese; green beaners (1000)
Snack: granola bar (140)

Total Calories:  1870 🙂
Total Exercise: 1 hour of volleyball 🙂

The Weekend

Friday was Rob’s birthday so we went to the Duck to eat.

After work I went to tan then I got a migraine (aura) on my way home.  I helped dad move some wood from my house to his, then I went to play volleyball.  I was impressed with my ability to handle the migraine and keep moving.

We need some more people to play volleyball.  There were only three of us so we had to move a bunch.  I am going to work on my recruiting.

I went to Kenney’s and played Modern Warfare 2 for a while, then went home and went to bed.

Saturday I woke up and Dev kicked me out of the house.  I took Ka-Kay to Duhnam’s to get an outfit then on to her volleyball practice.  While she was yet at volleyball, I ran to the Northwest YMCA and worked out.  I stepped on my scales after the workout and I was 324.5!  I had lost a total of 33 lbs.

I went home for a while then picked Dad up and we went to watch uncle Mike preach.  He is a fabulous preacher.

We ate with him at Taco Bell then headed home.  On my way I got a text from Brad “estrogen and 1800”.  Which transcribed equals women and tequila.  It’s guy code for come over and party.  So I did.  but I was a good boy.  I only had three shots of tequila and left just after midnignt, because I knew that I had to pull the trailer for church.

Sunday came and I did the morning church routing.  I watched the Colts win, and then I relaxed on the couch.  I got up around 5:00 to take Lori to RSM, and I went to a local church and watched evening service.

Thursday 11/19/09 – Bub Dude’s 5th Birthday

Rainy Day

You ever have one of those days when you step out onto your front porch for the first time in the morning, you realize that the next time you step into this area it’s going to be dark and you are going to be tired?

I had a full day booked for this day.  So much so that I knew I was going to miss Survivor and that depressed me some.

Work went well and at 4:00 I cancelled my tanning appointment, because I had to get Ka-kay to Pennville elementary for her H1N1 vaccine.  The line was very small and I was able to get right in, and right out.

Bub's Birthday present

I went home and transported the kids to  Grandma Grogg’s so we could go to the Youth for Christ banquet in Portland, Indiana.  The food was amazing and the stories were great.

We went home and gave Bub’s his present (we are celebrating his birthday tomorrow).  He got a tent with a big pop up tube to walk around in.  He didn’t have much time to play with it before bed time.  He had a better time having the cat chase the sticks then playing in it.

He is constantly draping blankets over the chairs in the house, and playing with the cat.  So I bought a tent that he could use.  I hope he enjoys it.

We caught the tail end of Grey’s anatomy and then went to bed.

Breakfast: Special K bar (90)
Lunch:  Italian flatbread BMT from Subway (750)
Dinner: Entre @ YFC banquet .. yum! (1100)
Late: Chicken rewarm and potatoes 😦 (800)

Calories:  2740 😦
Exercise: 0

Wednesday 11/18/2009 – Volleyball 1-3

Rainy Day

Jake was back in the office today, but I am out of the office due to a training seminar on how to be a better leader.

SkillPath.com The Managers & Supervisors Conference at The Horizon Center in Muncie Indiana.

It was some interesting content and something that I needed to do, but I had to many things at work to keep up with the fully delve into the seminar.

It ended at 4:00 and I grabbed up the kids and headed to my volleyball game.  I played terrible the first set, but picked it up on the second and third.  We still lost the game.

I stayed and kept score for the next game, then went home.

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180)
Lunch: Buffalo Chicken sandwich and soup @ Chili’s (550)
Snack: Granola Bars (280)
Dinner: Chicken and potatoes (900)

Total Calories: 1910 🙂
Exercise: 1.5 hours of volleyball 🙂