Volleyball 2-0 – migraine right side

I went on Tuesday to a place called Coffee Junkies on Bethel in Muncie.  They’re credit card machine was broken, so I had the money to pay the electricians (only 100 dollar bills).  So I decided to get coffee and pay with a 100 dollar bill.  She said “no problem” and made up my coffee.  When I got to the next stop.  I noticed I was shorted a 20 dollar bill on my change!

I called the store and asked them if they would double check tonight when they close out their drawer, if they had an overage of 20 bucks.  Beleive this!  They called me and said they did!  Praise God for honesty.

I even got a free cup of Joe, from them with an apology.  I will go there every time I am able now.  Bet you don’t get that kind of service at Starbucks!

I was out of town on Tuesday, and came back to a big mess (firewall) on Wednesday.  So I am sorry for my lack of posting.

I still haven’t worked through all the problems with the firewall and am ready to start on it this morning.

For the most part work is falling back into a routine.  Given the recent scare, I am happy for this.

Our volleyball game was at 8:15 PM, and I was really tired and dragged down by then.  But I got up and stretched and started to elevate my heart rate.  We lost the first match, and were dragging ass quite a bit, but we picked it up in the second match, and then kept right on cruising for the win.

Jason and Esa brought a friend named Amy Klopfenstein who was a vivacious lady.  She was good, and she had a neat serve.  She adds a little bit of pizzaz to our team.

I got home last night, and hopped in the shower (stinky).  I noticed when I was getting out of the shower, I was starting to get aura in my left eye.  I can’t think of what might have caused it.  However I relaxed in the dark with Dev, and the headache was minute.
HAWT-Y of the day
Brooke Burke

This one if for Jason.  I got an e-mail suggesting that I might give Mrs. Burke a try.  When I read the email I literally hit myself on the forhead and said “Duh, why didn’t I think of her!”.

I used to watch that show “Wild On” on the Entertainment Network, and every now and then you could catch Brooke in swimming attire.  I hear she also has a couple kids and is a great mother… Good for her!

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Snack: granola bar (140); caramel machiatto from Coffie Junkiez (300)
Lunch: Omelett (700)
Dinner: spaghetti and bread (800); milk (180)

Total Calories:  2325 😐
Total Exercise: 1 game of volleyball 🙂


Go Colts!

The Colts and the Jets!  The media is picking the Jets to outscore the Colts, but I sure hope it doesn’t turn out like that.  The attitude of all the Colts fans is contagious and I am starting to get excited about watching them.

It is very fun for my to watch Peyton Manning, year after year and consistently changing the game.  This guys is humble, and works very hard.  He is the perfect role model, and even as I type he is saying in an interview that “I am still learning”.

I am also excited about the Vikings game,  because I really enjoy Brett Favre.  I suppose I am a bit of an old school guy, but I like seeing professionalism and hard work prevail in a strategic game.

Go Colts… Beat the Jets!


Hawt-y of the Day

I figured since today was Colts day.  I would pick out a cheerleader.  Her name is Tessa.  I don’t know much else about her, I would like to say that she has a great background or unique hobby.  But fellow blog readers this one is pure vanity.  Enjoy!

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: potato bar and McCafe (780)
Snack: Eggar Madeggar (400)

Help for Haiti

We have all seen a ton of dramatic images on the news and on the Internet.  I picked this one because it is a joyous occasion.  This particular picture says a million words.  The baby is restored to his mother, and all seems perfect in their world.

As I struggle to work through my daily grind, already broke this week even though I just got paid nearly hours ago.  I want to remind myself of Haiti today.

What if by just a simple of act of God, my next few weeks no longer rely on money, work, volleyball, coffee, Grey’s Anatomy, or even losing weight?  What if it were pain, suffering, family loss, friend loss, and a nation of consumed panic?

Nearly one week after the earthquake, I am trying to put myself in their shoes.  I am trying to picture a gentleman like me who was sitting at a computer doing work and the ground started to shake.  The first thoughts that run through his head are his family.  First his immediately family; his thoughts run on his wife, and children.  He instinctively starts dialing his phone, but no tone.  He heads outside and immediately darts with no regard for anyone else but making sure his kin is ok.

Once the family is reconciled they hover together, in the stillness of the earth.  I am sure they have no power, no running water, and for the first few days, it seems kind of fun..  It’s an adventure.

but soon your body begins to stick, and hunger drives your mind.  After that the togetherness of the family begins to turn into torment, and the family is bickering.  Now nearly after 1 week, they are losing sight of their togetherness, and they are longing for their life back.  Their is only one way to assist them.  Give them money.


Former President Bill Clinton is personally creating convoys to deliver needed goods to Haiti.  I have done extensive research on getting the best bang for my donation buck, and I have deducted that giving to the Clinton Foundation is the best possible way for me to help out the Haitians.

If you don’t want to give to the Clinton Foundation, please give the American Red Cross, or Help for Haiti.  I will be donating today, and I encourage you to do the same.

I am having the electricity rewired at my house, and Jake (my graphic designer) has referred me to two young union electricians named Drew Guntle, and Kyle Clevenger.  So far I am pleased with their insight and saving money on hardware.

I would like to say thank you to Bill Tressler Excavating in Redkey, Indiana to lending me a probe to detect my lateral plumbing lines so the electricians can trench a line in.

I had a meeting with Chris Logan (manager of the Muncie location) and we moved mountains with advertising thoughts.  Chris has set a very high goal for sales in 2010, and I am very excited about helping him in any way.

Before our meeting Chris took me to a new restaurant downtown.  (2″oh!”4) formerly the Blue Bottle under new management.  All I can say is wow!  The Caramel Machiatto is to die for.  I took a risk on some soup that I could not pronounce (way to much of a redneck for these kind of joints, however the joint didn’t make me feel like a redneck).  The soup was awesome!  They didn’t serve crackers they served chunks of flat bread… I loved it.  The salad was also delicious.. Thanks very much to Chris Logan for taking me.  I will return, soon!

Hawt-y of the Day!
Shania Twain

Here you get the best of both worlds.  Shania Twain country singer goddess with titles like “Any man of mine”.  Supporting her favorite team (and mine)… The Chicago Cubs!

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Snack: breakfast sandwich from Roy Sr. (300)
Lunch: (2″oh”4) downtain Muncie Indiana; soup & salad& drink (500)
Dinner: leftover stew (500); turkey sandwich (250)
Late: cheese and turkey (500); crackers and peanut butter (300)

Total Calories:  2555 😦
Total Exercise: 0

My own worse enemy

“It’s no suprise to me I am my own worst enemy, and every now and then kick the living ____ out of me” — LIT

Wow, what a roller coaster ride the last few days have been.  I am pleased to announce that I will not be leaving my job at SEW.  I talked my issues over with my boss (luckily is one of my good friends as well).  He extended a great deal of mercy in this situation.  I believe my antics in handling my issues was completely wrong, and I wouldn’t have blamed him for separating our friendship.  So first and foremost I am grateful I have not lost a friend, a friend who has picked me up in the past.

Secondly I am grateful, I will be retaining my position at work as well.  I was not looking forward to starting a business again, and can blame the idea on temporary insanity.

My blood pressure seems to be returning to normal, and my wife noticed me smile yesterday.  I have also learned that this blog is full of close supporting friends..  Thank you.  I am blessed to have so many close friends.  It really humbles me.   Thanks for your comments.  Oh and by the way..  Our plant is still gonna grow.

For those of you asking about my weight..  Good news!  I am down to 322! I started at 358, so I have lost 36 lbs.  I am starting to slow up on my weight loss, and I need to get myself to the gym.  I have an appointment with Dr. Pizlo next Tuesday.  I wonder what she will think of my weight loss?

I inserted my own team into volleyball league.  The team consists of Isa and Jason Minnich, Rae  Farmer, Kenney Tackett, my wife and myself.  Might I also say that my wife had a great time playing and she did really well for her first time.

We won in three matches against Terasa Paquette’s team.  Consisting of Kevin Tighe, Teresa Paquete, Les Charles, Joella and Dave Rinker, and Nyleesa Ellingwood, and two others but I don’t know their names.

Hawt-y of the day
Rene Russo

Major League (the movie) Rene Russo played Lynn Wells in a stunning hot librarian that has a wild side.  Jake Taylor a past his prime catcher, get caught in a love triangle and eventually wins the heart of Lynn.  She plays a mean game of hard to get, and my favorite scene is when she screams in the middle of a library.

Jake: [at the library, discussing Jake’s one-night stand with a flight attendant] I had no choice. She bet me fifty dollars that she had a better body than you and I had to defend your honor.
Lynn Wells: Oh, what a bunch of bullshit! I have a much better body than she does!
[everyone in the library turns to look]
Jake: [to others] She’s right.

Wednesday caloric intake:

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: Chef Salad @ Pizza King in Dunkirk (600)
Snack: granola bar (140)
Dinner: homemade beef stew (1350)

Total Calories:  2295 😐
Total Exercise: 1.5 hours of volleyball 🙂

The Flower & our Family

I think the Haiti Earthquake must’ve shaken up something in our house.  Things are changing, and they are changing rapidly.  My wife is supportive of my starting a regional business out of my house, this business will cause me to travel around the Midwest, but definitely a possibility for a big payoff.  It also allows me to spend more time at home watching Dude and working in a home office.  This is very scary for me, and I survived a tiny panic attack about the idea on Saturday morning.

Saturday, my wife and I were having an absolutely horrid day.  We ended up yelling at each other, and then stormed out on each other.  She had issues getting the girl’s hair cut, and then issues with Lil Dude’s clothes.  I called her and added to her grief, and she exploded.  I then resolved to fix the situation.  So I went to Menards and bought a pot, potting soil, and geranium seeds.

I called a family meeting, and proceeded to do a display with the family.  I had each of them grab some dirt and put it in the pot while stating the bad things in their life.  I then each of us put geranium seeds in the dirt while stating the good qualities of each of us.  I then covered the seeds with more dirt (symbolizing) the bad in the world around us covering us up.

I grabbed a glass of water, and added Motivation, Dedication, Determination, Communication, and Appreciation with each spill of water onto the soil.  I explained how if our family was going to make something beautiful for the world.  We would have to add these things in our life daily.

I also explained that the plant would need sunlight, and this would represent giving the family to God.  Because it didn’t matter how hard we worked, without God we would never be able to produce anything beautiful.

I explained how the first few weeks were the hardest!  You have to add a bunch of water, and there are no results for weeks.  It’s a test of faith.

I then went up to Landon’s room and starting cleaning and it took all day Saturday (we are absolute slobs).  We are fixing that though.  Dev and I finally stopped cleaning about 2:00 AM!  We went to bed and woke up Sunday and started on the girls room.  It was a complete organization.  Drawers, closet, bed, everything.  We changed it all!

Instead of yelling or scolding when the left their drinks off of the coasters, or left their room in a mess.  I would simply state that if they didn’t help our family stay organized.  Or family flower would not be able to grow.

Dev did laundry all day on Saturday and the dryer took all day to do two loads!  So early Sunday I opened up the dryer and found that the lint trap container was completely plugged with lint on the other side of the lint trap.  I pulled the front of the dryer down and got into the housing and cleaned out the all the lint.  There had to be 10 handfuls of lint in the front compartment.  Wow!  The dryer took off after that.  She was so happy she was dancing with joy.  Laundry has been a huge problem in our house as well.

We worked all day on Sunday as well.  We worked the weekend away.  I missed football, I didn’t care.  I was excited about my family turning over a new leaf.  We are going to quit being rednecks!

Hawt-y of the Day
Kate Walsh

From the inception of Grey’s Anatomy I have been a fan.  Addison Shepherd played by Kate Walsh was my favorite character.  She then spearheaded a spinoff called “Private Practice”, but I think the results of that are less than stellar.  However, I will follow wherever she goes.

–Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
–Lunch: granola bar (140)
–Dinner: Salad Bar @ Ponderosa in Portland (900)

–Total Calories:  1245 🙂
–Total Exercise: 2 hours of volleyball 🙂

–Breakfast: @ Panda Buffet in Albany, Indiana (750)
– Dinner: cheesy potato soup, and salad (900)

–Total Calories: 1650 🙂
–Total Exercise: 0 😦

–Breakfast: Eggar Madegger (350); coffee (25)
–soup and salad (1100)
–granola bar (140); yogurt (90); bologna (100); milk (200)

–Total Calories:  2005 🙂
–Total Exercise: 0 😦

Thursday 1/14/2010 – Going to the Bahamas!

The Cruise is on!  We are going to the Bahamas.  Rob Padgett has been helping me pick out the perfect cruise.  He has been on a few, and is giving me all kinds of pointers.  We have selected the cruise we are going on, and Ryan and Jaime Hodson are going with us!  I went to Ponerosa with the family yesterday to talk to them about the money and the trip, and he was “all about it”.  I am starting to get very anxious.

Here is a link to our Cruise.  Anyone willing should contact me and join us.  There are two couples going already.  I have flight and travel plans already prepared.  Welcome all!

I had a meeting with Mike McCarty from WMDH and we are working on a promotion with them to advertise frequently on that station.  How many of you out there listen to WMDH on a regular basis?  I am excited about reaching that country audience.

Occasionally you meet a salesman in business that extends beyond the professional boundary.  Mike has done that with me.  He’s a laid back (50+ years young) gentleman, who doesn’t give you that “let’s close a deal edge” that all the other guys give you.  I truly believe Mike wants best for my business (and his, of course!).  He is encouraging me in my weight loss, and is just a joy to talk to about his past with music and art.  I must say I genuinely like him.

Hawt-y of the day
Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman played Dharma in “Dharma and Greg”.  I loved her character!  I am unsure of Elfman’s antics when she is not acting, but it truly doesn’t matter to me, becuase Dharma was the bomb!  I miss that show!

Breakfast: 2 granola bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: Italian BMT on flatbread @ Subway in Dunkirk, Indiana (750)
Dinner: Ponderosa in Portland Indiana- Salad (700)
Late: Soy bar (140); granola bar (140)

Total Calories:  1935 🙂
Total Exercise: 0 😦

Pants on the Ground – Larry Platt

The Real American Idol

General Larry Platt, stunned the Idol judges; with a performance like no other.  Larry (62 years young) sang and danced his way into America’s Idol.

Pants on the ground (x2)
Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground

With the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways
Pants hit the ground, call yourself a cool cat
Lookin’ like a fool, walkin’ to the town
With your pants on the ground!


Work went very smoothly.  We had a programming data loss scare, but was averted by Josh.  I am starting to plan a cruise to the Bahamas at the end of the month, and that is very exciting for me.  I worked a little late due to the fact the Dev had the kids, and I went home and I vegged out.

Turtle spoke with me about school and her friends (normal 7th grade drama).  She also told me about an A+ she got on her Science test.  I am very proud of her.  She has been struggling with Science.

I watched a little T.V. and then headed to bed.  Quite an uneventful day, but I loved it.

Hawt-y of the day!
Maggie Gyllenhaal

It’s not all in the eyes this time, however they don’t hurt.  Maggie is very abstract.  To like her you must love art.  I could see Maggie and myself engaged in conversation at a Dunkin Donuts for hours.

Breakfast: 2 granola bars (280); coffee (25)
Lunch: Spanish Entree @ La Palma (300) — I order a bad tray
Dinner: Chicken plate (780)
Late: Cheeseburger (350)

Total Calories:  1735 🙂
Total Exercise: 0 😦