Thursday 1/14/2010 – Going to the Bahamas!

The Cruise is on!  We are going to the Bahamas.  Rob Padgett has been helping me pick out the perfect cruise.  He has been on a few, and is giving me all kinds of pointers.  We have selected the cruise we are going on, and Ryan and Jaime Hodson are going with us!  I went to Ponerosa with the family yesterday to talk to them about the money and the trip, and he was “all about it”.  I am starting to get very anxious.

Here is a link to our Cruise.  Anyone willing should contact me and join us.  There are two couples going already.  I have flight and travel plans already prepared.  Welcome all!

I had a meeting with Mike McCarty from WMDH and we are working on a promotion with them to advertise frequently on that station.  How many of you out there listen to WMDH on a regular basis?  I am excited about reaching that country audience.

Occasionally you meet a salesman in business that extends beyond the professional boundary.  Mike has done that with me.  He’s a laid back (50+ years young) gentleman, who doesn’t give you that “let’s close a deal edge” that all the other guys give you.  I truly believe Mike wants best for my business (and his, of course!).  He is encouraging me in my weight loss, and is just a joy to talk to about his past with music and art.  I must say I genuinely like him.

Hawt-y of the day
Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman played Dharma in “Dharma and Greg”.  I loved her character!  I am unsure of Elfman’s antics when she is not acting, but it truly doesn’t matter to me, becuase Dharma was the bomb!  I miss that show!

Breakfast: 2 granola bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: Italian BMT on flatbread @ Subway in Dunkirk, Indiana (750)
Dinner: Ponderosa in Portland Indiana- Salad (700)
Late: Soy bar (140); granola bar (140)

Total Calories:  1935 🙂
Total Exercise: 0 😦


One thought on “Thursday 1/14/2010 – Going to the Bahamas!

  1. i love country music too..but dont listen to the station much….sorry i will start lol…. i listen to 99.5 i know….iam horrible..LOL
    anyway I loved that show Dharma and Greg!!!! wow that was a long time ago! lol

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