Help for Haiti

We have all seen a ton of dramatic images on the news and on the Internet.  I picked this one because it is a joyous occasion.  This particular picture says a million words.  The baby is restored to his mother, and all seems perfect in their world.

As I struggle to work through my daily grind, already broke this week even though I just got paid nearly hours ago.  I want to remind myself of Haiti today.

What if by just a simple of act of God, my next few weeks no longer rely on money, work, volleyball, coffee, Grey’s Anatomy, or even losing weight?  What if it were pain, suffering, family loss, friend loss, and a nation of consumed panic?

Nearly one week after the earthquake, I am trying to put myself in their shoes.  I am trying to picture a gentleman like me who was sitting at a computer doing work and the ground started to shake.  The first thoughts that run through his head are his family.  First his immediately family; his thoughts run on his wife, and children.  He instinctively starts dialing his phone, but no tone.  He heads outside and immediately darts with no regard for anyone else but making sure his kin is ok.

Once the family is reconciled they hover together, in the stillness of the earth.  I am sure they have no power, no running water, and for the first few days, it seems kind of fun..  It’s an adventure.

but soon your body begins to stick, and hunger drives your mind.  After that the togetherness of the family begins to turn into torment, and the family is bickering.  Now nearly after 1 week, they are losing sight of their togetherness, and they are longing for their life back.  Their is only one way to assist them.  Give them money.

Former President Bill Clinton is personally creating convoys to deliver needed goods to Haiti.  I have done extensive research on getting the best bang for my donation buck, and I have deducted that giving to the Clinton Foundation is the best possible way for me to help out the Haitians.

If you don’t want to give to the Clinton Foundation, please give the American Red Cross, or Help for Haiti.  I will be donating today, and I encourage you to do the same.

I am having the electricity rewired at my house, and Jake (my graphic designer) has referred me to two young union electricians named Drew Guntle, and Kyle Clevenger.  So far I am pleased with their insight and saving money on hardware.

I would like to say thank you to Bill Tressler Excavating in Redkey, Indiana to lending me a probe to detect my lateral plumbing lines so the electricians can trench a line in.

I had a meeting with Chris Logan (manager of the Muncie location) and we moved mountains with advertising thoughts.  Chris has set a very high goal for sales in 2010, and I am very excited about helping him in any way.

Before our meeting Chris took me to a new restaurant downtown.  (2″oh!”4) formerly the Blue Bottle under new management.  All I can say is wow!  The Caramel Machiatto is to die for.  I took a risk on some soup that I could not pronounce (way to much of a redneck for these kind of joints, however the joint didn’t make me feel like a redneck).  The soup was awesome!  They didn’t serve crackers they served chunks of flat bread… I loved it.  The salad was also delicious.. Thanks very much to Chris Logan for taking me.  I will return, soon!

Hawt-y of the Day!
Shania Twain

Here you get the best of both worlds.  Shania Twain country singer goddess with titles like “Any man of mine”.  Supporting her favorite team (and mine)… The Chicago Cubs!

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Snack: breakfast sandwich from Roy Sr. (300)
Lunch: (2″oh”4) downtain Muncie Indiana; soup & salad& drink (500)
Dinner: leftover stew (500); turkey sandwich (250)
Late: cheese and turkey (500); crackers and peanut butter (300)

Total Calories:  2555 😦
Total Exercise: 0


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