Tuesday 1/12/2010 – Bub Dude BB Practice

Bub Dude had his first basketball practice @ 5:30.  His coach didn’t show so John asked me to run them through some drills.  The lower the rims down as far as they go, but the kids are still barely able to get the ball to the rim.  The have more fun running than they do shooting, dribbling, and passing.  I wish I had taken my camera, but i didn’t.

Ka-kay had practice @ 7:00 so we had a small oppurtunity to sneak to Pizza King in Dunkirk and have a pizza with the family.  Ka-kay practiced hard and we headed home.  Ka-kay told me that she was exhausted from doing all these sports activities.  I then realized we are turning into a very busy family.

Dude is in basketball, Ka-kay in baskeball, volleyball and voice lessons; Turtle in school band!  Mix in some church, and exercise; and we barely have time for much else!

When I got home last night I played ragdoll volleyball on bored.com.  for a few moments, and then I went and cooked up some Eggar Madeggers.  Well, the turkey sausage was not covered in the fridge.  I decided to use it anyway but it was a little brown.  Well, I woke up at 2:00 in the morning with bad stomach cramps.  They kept me up for about an hour, and then subsided.  Note to self*  Don’t do that!  🙂

Eggar Madeggar:  I have had a couple people ask me what an eggar madegger is?
I mix two eggs and put them in a very small skillet on 4 heat, i flip when fluffy for a couple seconds.  Then I heat up some turkey bacon, or sausage.  I pile them together on a sandwich thin (flatbread) that is toased with a tablespoon of Jelly.

It’s filling and it’s only 350 calories!
Hawt-y of the day
Drew Barrymore

This one is for my dad!  He really likes the movie “50 First Dates”.  However, I can remember Drew in E.T., but it’s kinda weird to think of her as HAWT back then.  She’s been a Charlie’s Angel, an alien’s best friend, and scorned ex wife.  Congrats to Drew Barrymore she has one the coveted Matt Weaver blog Hawt-y of the day award.  I am sure the plaque will sit on her mantle. 🙂

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: Panda Buffet (750)
Snack: granola bar (140)
Dinner: Pizza King (700)
Late: Eggar Madeggar (350)

Total Calories:  2145 🙂
Total Exercise: 0 😦


Monday 1/11/2010 (2785) – Migraine left side

Well… It’s still cold, and East Central Indiana is still smothered in a sheet of white; however the forecast is calling for a warm up and I welcome it.

My laundry list of tasks at work is growing exponentially.  I am going to tackle emails and see if I can’t fend off the looming feeling of under-accomplishment.  I had a meeting prior to going home, and decided to delegate some tasks that I was unwilling to delegate before.  We will see how the fellas handle their new burden of responsibilities.

After work I rushed to Yorktown for Ka-kay’s practice for Munciana Volleyball.  She is improving so quickly, and really starting to have fun.  I still am amazed at how helpful this process is to her skill.  I wish there was a way for any kid that wanted to get involved, could; because it is so beneficial.  However;  It costs a ton of money to have that many adults readily available for the kids, and it separates out the lower class, and lower middle class.  This saddens me a bit.  I sometimes feel that when I am there that I am joining the “elitist” middle class persona, and I can see the soccer moms there in every corner.  This is definitely a stretch from where I came from, but I am not going to detour my daughter’s opportunities because I disagree with the moral fabric of my surroundings.  I just wish there was opportunities for Munciana outreach to the less fortunate.
Migraine:  Well, I knew it was coming, when there is one there is always another.  I was eating Subway in the lobby with Dev, and I noticed my vision in my right eye getting blurry.  It was time for me to undergo my other side of my migraine.  Once the aura subsided, I took off for home immediately, and the headache was very mild.  By the time I got home I could hardly feel pressure.  I am trying to think about what triggered it, and I can’t.  I didn’t have anything to eat out of the norm.  I suppose it was just time.
In the middle of my migraine I received a call from John Faulkner about the kids basketball games.  I was very disappointed to find out that after asking him at the end of last season, and calling Teresa at the West Jay Community Center, that I was left out of the process of entering a team.  As you bloggers know, this league was very beneficial to my weight loss, and I enjoyed playing.  I thought that I was removed from contact due to the scuffle, but I called John and he said that wasn’t the case.  I have heard a lot of complaints about this community center limiting activities (I.E. softball).
Night Out: Dora called me up and asked me if she could sleep on my couch tonight.  She was in town and doing some partying with here friend, Miranda.  Since my headache was mild, I decided I would join up with them.  I left at 9:00 with every intention of leaving the bar at 10:00.

The dragged me out.. LOL

Well I finally got out of there at 1:30 in the morning, and Jason was coming back to my house after that.  I told them all I was heading to bed, and I did.  I didn’t get too drunk, but there was a little dancing.  There was a camera; maybe some pics will show up???  They Did!~
Hawt-y of the Day!

Jessica Kiper (Sugar):  It wasn’t long ago, this cutie stole my heart.  She had survivor Gabon in the palm of her hand.  She lost, because the rest of the jury was jealous she had it so easy.  She is the true winner.  She is beautiful, inside and out.  She coined a phrase “Sugar Shack”, out of one of the most dreadful places Survivor members can go, “Exile Island”.  She found the idol early, and lived in the lap of luxury the entire time.
Breakfast: 2 special K bar (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: soup and salad @ Richards (450)
Dinner: Italina BMT @ Subway (750)
Late: Cheeseburger (600); yogurt (100); granola bar (140)
Drinks: 2 heineken (360); 3 shots (180)

Total Calories:  2785 😦
Total Exercise: 0

Friday – Sunday 1/10/2010 ~ Small Weekend Getaway

Jennifer Henderson Medical Consultants Muncie Indiana

All Yelling, no praise = Bad Boss!

My wife called my Friday afternoon, and she was in tears.   It seems that her group of co-workers were late making a records drop by 10 minutes and her manager decided to write the group up.  If you recall (those of you habitual blog readers of mine) about 2 months ago I went to a “managers and supervisors” convention.  Rule number 1 was “praise more than you punish”, and rule number 2 is “Never punish the group”.  Find the bad apple in a punishable situation and praise the others.  There is a huge part of me that wants to send that study book for this conference to my wife’s boss, but it is probably best for me not to get involved.

Not getting involved is hard for me.  As a man I want to protect my wife, and keep her from harm.  Even though we harm each other’s mind on a day to day basis.  Isn’t that unique?  It’s almost as if, I want to be the only one to make her cry, or her I.  We have been doing a lot of arguing lately and she has definitely broke down in tears, but that don’t make me angry, however let somebody else make her cry, and I get irate!

So my wife (which is always diligent) has received her first verbal warning!  I know, it seems pretty petty; but I caught her not sleeping and staring at the wall all weekend.  So I decided to take her to a hotel for rest of the weekend.  Get out of town, sit in a hot tub; and spoil ourselves.  So we did!

I missed church on Sunday, and I was supposed to do some work too, and I missed that opportunity, but we had a great time.  I needed the getaway too, and I felt so revived on Sunday evening.  I was thinking with a whole new outlook.  So the small break was a welcome one for me too.

Great Book for Leaders

Work has been hectic for me in this new year.  I am trying to prepare a huge advertising campaign for the busy season.  As well as manage 4 big projects with the I.T. team.  Thankfully I can rely on my employees to carry my burden there.  Josh, and Rob are just doing a tremendous job for me.  I am reminded of Jack Welch’s quote in his book Winning.  “I simply surrounded myself with people who are smarter than I!”

This book was one of the most eye opening books I have read.  Jack Welch was the CEO of GE.  A company that was fighting so many battles on so many fronts.  They had diversified their products and are definitely a household name.

Mr. Welch talks mostly about being candid in an executive environment.  It is important that you can speak your mind, free from office politics, and peer badgering.  He promoted this in his business model, and supported his employees that practiced it.


On another note, I listed my treadmill on Craigslist on Tuedsay for Redkey Indiana, and I received a call on Saturday; while I was at Clancy’s Car Wash.  We bargained and I sold it for $600.

I originally payed $799 for it, and I used it 4 times.  So I paid $50 every time I used it.  That is a bad deal!


Hawt Girl of the day: Halle Berry

When I was 18, I moved into my own home; which I rented.  The house was just outside of Dunkirk, Indiana.  It was a small blue brick home.  I didn’t have money for Cable TV, and I had a small TV with a VHS player.  I only had 2 movies: The Program & Major League.  I would imagine I watched “The Program” more than 1000 times that winter.  I can still recite every line word for word.  I never once got tired of watching Halle Berry play Autumn Haley, and the romance between her and Darnell Jefferson (played by Omar Epps).

Diet: I am not doing so good on my weight loss, and I intend to start doing very well starting today.  Please comment and keep me accountable.

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: Pete’s Duck Inn, Albany, IN – soup and salad (550)
Dinner: Southwest Salad @ McDonald’s in Portland, Indiana (600)

Total Calories:  1355 🙂
Total Exercise: 1 hour of volleyball 🙂

Breakfast: Egger Madegger (550); Starbucks (Muncie, In) Machiatto (250)
Lunch: Hardees (Bluffton, Indiana) mushroom & swiss (750)
Dinner: Dominos @ Muncie Indiana (1700)

Total Calories:  3250 😦 😦
Total Exercise: carry treadmill downstairs 😐

Breakfast: Lee’s Inn -bagel, and biscuits and gravy (550)
Drink: Starbuck @ Muncie IN – cafe latte (220)
Snack: 2 granola bars (280); soy bars (220); yogurt (100)
Dinner: egger madegger (550); milk (250)
Late: Cinnamon Toast Crunch ( 600)

Total Calories:  2770 😦
Total Exercise: 0- 😦

Thursday 1/7/2010 (2455)- It’s snowing!

Shot from my window

Man it’s snowing!  It’s coming down out there and the wind is gonna pick up and it’s gonna get nasty here in Dunkirk, Indiana.  I get very “giddy” during the snow.  I think it is because as children the snow brings an excitement of not having to go to school and it breaks the monotony of having to continue with every day chores.  This has festered inside my anxious persona and when the snow flies I feel like I’m on vacation.

The snow accumulating on my window sill.

I don’t like cold weather, but the snow makes me happy.  I dressed up in about 4 layers of clothing and went home from work and shoveled Devon a path from her car about 4:00 PM.  By the time she got home at 6:00 PM.  The path was completely drifted over.  The wind was howling out of the west at 20 mph.

I am working on a campaign with MAX radio station in Muncie to advertise to their listeners.  The fellas at Max have compiled a snippet of an ad .SEWCommercial01072010.  Listen to it and let me know what you think.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly.  I was rushing to get some last minute ads placed for snowblowers during the time the snow was flying.

Helen Hunt

Ok now for my next babe in my babe countdown.  My history with my infactuation with her starts with CastAway, but I really like her in Twister too.  She isn’t too gimmicky, but she is terribly attractive.  Helen Hunt is by far one of my favorite women.  If I lost her, I would go the “hell en hunt” for her!  🙂

Helen is a hero to me, because she stuck with what she had.  She had a beautiful smile, and pretty eyes, and a dairy’ere that looked so good in today’s “mom jeans”.  I can close my eyes and still pull the shot from her standing in the rain, shirt sticking to her breasts, and her head held high.  Her body was as nature wanted it to be… perfect.

Leelee Sobieski

Many people now compare the modern day supermodel “Leelee Sobieski” with the Helen Hunt of the 90’s.  I think it’s ridiculous!  Leelee is beautiful, and I definitely wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers; but she is far from natural.  She is a work of art conspired by a modern day artist (plastic surgeon).  The form is unnatural, but luring.  Although I just paused when I was typing to look once again at her breasts.  If I close my eyes I still choose the picture of Helen Hunt in the rain in Cast Away.  However not to take anything away from Leelee.

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch:  Panda Buffet in Albany, IN  (750)
Dinner: Steak & Potato (900)
Late: Omelette (600)

Total Calories:  2455 🙂
Total Exercise: 0

Wednesday 1/6/2010 (2295) ~ Migraine right side

I’m really digging a new CD I found on my Microsoft Zune pass, titled John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.  It has about 40 tracks of some awesome tunes.  There is some Eric Clapton tunes as well.  The blues of old, along with some new stuff.  If you get a chance you should break some of this stuff out for yourself.  I especially like Stormy Monday.

I worked pretty hard throughout the day, and was pleasantly suprised when I found out it was time to go.  The day was a series of events that lead right into time to go home.  Gotta love that!

At home we played Rummikub and Ka-kay won!  She’s getting really good at it.  This is one of the only advantages of winter.  We get together and play board games.  It not only brings us closer together, but the kids learn valuable lessons along the way.  Not only addition and subtraction, but life lessons about strategies and communication.  I miss the days where I won every time, now Ka-kay and Turtle beat me quite a bit.

After Rummikub I jumped on RockBand 2 for a bit and worked my way up to hard on the drums.  I failed quite a bit of songs on hard.

This is similar to the vision issue I get prior to getting a migraine

I went to bed, and when I got to bed I had closed my eyes and when I opened them I noticed I was getting aura in my left side of my vision.  I hurried myself to sleep to try and sleep through the migraine.  I succeeded, but when I woke up in the morning it was still there.  It took me a few minutes to get ready with my head throbbing.

Wow!  I found this really interesting picture of Migraine Aura.  This is exactly as it appears to me.  Even the crescent moon shape!  It grows in size and slowly moves to the peripheral vision and then moves out.  The comes the headache.  And in the case of this picture my headache would come on the right hand side of my head!  If I close one eye or the other the aura stays there.

Ok, now for the babe of the day!  I have found when I post pretty women in scantilly clad outfits that my site rankings increase quite a bit…  Would anybody out there care to explain this? I guess it’s a small sacrifice for me to have to do. LOL.  To keep with the them of winter and my childhood beauties.  I will preface this lady with a movie from my past.  “Look who’s talking now”.  It starred John Travolta and Kristie Alley, but there was a cougar that tried to steal John away from Kristie, and this cougar stole my heart in my teen years.  Here she is.  Looking good as always.  If you can’t tell by my women posts.  I am quite fond of eyes.

Samantha in "Look who's talking now"

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: salad bar @ Pizza King in Portland, Indiana (600)
Snack: granola bar (140); yogurt (100)
Dinner: KFC grilled chicken (900)
Late: 1/2 plate of doritos /w nachos (350)

Total Calories:  2295 😐
Total Exercise: 0 😦

Is Society Sexist?

Anonymous Lady>: It is odd how society sees things.  Let’s say if a guy sleeps with all these girls, “he’s the man!” or a stud, but if a girl does; she’s a total slut or whore.  Is society sexist?

<Anonymous Man>: Well think about it this way, if a key can open a bunch of locks, it’s viewed as a master key, and is awesome to have.  On the other hand, if a lock is opened by a lot of different keys, well that’s a pretty crappy lock if you ask me.

Tuesday 1/5/2010 (2160) – Maid Rites in Greenville OH

Snowball Fight!

Good Morning!  It’s cold as crap in Indiana.  We are gearing up for a snow storm Due in on Thursday.  My feet are usually frozen ice blocks when I go to bed at night.  Can’t say I’m a big fan of winter.

When it get’s less than 20 degrees, the snow doesn’t pack well and is very hard to make snowballs.  Thankfully these ladies have figured out a way to warm the snow up a little.

A disgusting wall of chewing gum

Maid-Rite I had the oppurtunity to go eat yesterday at Maid Rite in Greenville.  I have had Maid Rite’s before, but never as tasty as this.  This restaraunt boasts that this is the beginning of the Maid-Rite sandwich.  The also have a wall outside of the building that the patrons of the restaraunt are encouraged to stick their chewed gum…. Yuck!

My Ohio visit lasted later than I expected.  I inserted a doctor’s visit during the day, and this slowed me up quite a bit.

By the time I got home I was feeling bad again.  My cough was getting worse so I laid down for a nap.  I didn’t do much else the rest of the evening.

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180);
Lunch: Made Rights (700)
Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup & Toasted Cheese sandwiches (900)
Snack: granola bar (140); yogurt (100); milk (140)

Total Calories:  2160 🙂
Total Exercise: 0