Beautiful day

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: 2 tacos from Second Chance Bar & Grill (700)
Dinner: grilled sausage /w mac and cheese and cole slaw (1200)

Total Calories: ¬†2105 ūüėź
Total Exercise: 8 miles on bike ūüôā


James is gone (Survivor)

Last night’s survivor was a good one, the had both tribes vote somebody off of their tribe. ¬†Russell pulled off one of the most strategic moves I have seen in the game to get Tyson voted out of the villains tribe.

James was voted out of the Heroes tribe, because he was unable to compete during challenges; however I think that was only a scapegoat.

Jenny Finch

Jenny Finch is a fireball underhanded softball pitcher, who also carries a strong bat. ¬†She is a leader on the mound and is a pillar of dedication to a sport. ¬†Oh, and she’s very cute.

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: Panda Buffett (900)
Dinner: Hamburgers – grilled and grapes and mac and cheese (1200)
Late: yogurt (100); granola bar (140); cereal (650)

Total Calories: ¬†3195 ūüė¶ — I’m way off base!
Total Exercise: 10 miles on bike ūüôā

Healthcare reform – my thoughts

I am not suprised to hear that people are upset about healthcare reform. ¬†It is a huge topic and should be of the same concern. ¬†However, all my friends and co-workers are talking about is how does it affect me? ¬†Does actual money come out of my pocket? ¬†How soon will I be able to afford healthcare for my family? ¬†All valid questions of which I don’t have a static answer for any of them.

I do know that it isn’t about me! ¬†Quite a revolution, I know! ¬†It’s about the way that corporations and capitalism is trying to compete in a global market and they have to cut out the things they care about (I.E. their employees).

You ask any business owner and he genuinely cares for his employees, maybe not as much as he does his/her own family, but he does wish them well, and success!  I know when I owned a business I would stay up at night worried about my employees trials, and how they would overcome them.

Yet when businesses are forced to keep up with countries that are able to pay their employees two eggs and half a chicken for their weekly pay. ¬†The employee’s health insurance seems to be the last thing on their priority list,¬†because¬†face it: we all know that we can file medical¬†bankruptcy¬†if something really bad happens, and worse case scenario we wouldn’t get a shiny new car due to our credit woes!

Who ends up paying for Healthcare? ¬†The wealthy! ¬†Here is a thought for you… Hey you, wealthy republicans, guess what?? ¬† You are already covering our (poor) health care woes! ¬†The exagerated bills at the hospital when you have something go wrong is meant to trap the people that actually pay, which are the people who can pay!

So when you go to the hospital and rack up an $10,000 bill, it could’ve been limited to $3,000 if the majority of the people would pay their bills! ¬†Truth is! ¬†They don’t, and they can’t!

So let’s call a spade a spade! ¬†Their paying for it now, and they don’t get any credit for it, so this system just gives credit to where credit is due!

So take a deep breath, and move on!

Now let’s figure out how to get those damn welfare miscreants to go to work and quit living off of the system! ¬†If you are on welfare for more than a year, than you need to get out and go to 5 different government offices a day, just to check in. ¬†Get em up and moving and make it a job to stay on welfare, even if the job is not productive.

Back on my bike

Man it was good to get back on my bike again.  It was a beautiful day on Saturday, and I rode about 7 miles into town and back.  The birds were chirping, and life was fabulous!  LOL

I don’t miss winter, one iota!

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: fettuccine Alfredo (600) and toast (140)
Snack: granola bar (140)
Dinner: 2 plates of Chicken dumplins green beans and mashed taters (1800)

Total Calories: ¬†2885 ūüė¶
Total Exercise: 0 ūüė¶

Bub-Dude’s first trophy

Bub Dude has been playing basketball for the West Jay Community Center, and they played their final game yesterday. ¬†Bud didn’t play a whole bunch, since he is only in pre-school and many of the kids are in first grade. ¬†But the game was really close, and I really felt bad for the losing team.

Bub’s really enjoyed his trophy!

Ka-kay had a choir concert at the Jay County High School so I ran directly from Bub’s game to her concert. ¬†The place was packed! ¬†I didn’t expect it to be crowded. ¬†The sounded really good for an elementary choir recital.

March Madness is underway, and I didn’t watch a singly college game the whole year, but now I am an expert. ¬†LOL

Here is my bracket.  MattWeaver_NCAA_Picks

Baylor Bears

Data (Rob Miller) and I are rooting for the Baylor Bears this year in the tourney. ¬†Rob’s reasoning is completely logical (he filled out his bracket alphabetically). ¬†Mine on the other hand is completely illogical (I chose to hop on the data bandwagon :)).

My wife and I decided it was time to get back on our hardcore diet. ¬†I weighed myself this morning, and I hadn’t gained any weight.. Thank God!

But my goal is to lose weight, so here we go again!

I’m slipping – Migraine left side

As you may or may not have noticed, but I haven’t posted in my blog for about 5 days. ¬†In this time I have not exercised and have not tracked my calories, officially. ¬†If I had been tracking my calories, I would be off!

I am a person who falls into ruts, and I had a confrontation on Saturday, that has sent me into a depressed state. ¬†I am volunteering to help with the Dunkirk Jr. League and I had a parent get angry at me, because I wasn’t going to allow him to choose the teamates of his daughter. ¬†I spoke up to him, and then he got angry and threatened to kick my ass. ¬†When I tried to talk to him (was a friend) he wouldn’t let me get a word in and yet again threatened to kick my ass.

It took me about 5 hours to calm down from this incedent, and finally I went to The Rock church and entered into a eucre tournament, in which I placed third!

Sunday I went to church, and after church took a nap.  Sunday evening Suzy McCombs called and she wanted me to come look at her computer.  She lost her husband, Mike (great man) about 2 months ago, and she is just filled with melancholy.

Monday, I had a migraine on the left side of my head.  I knew this was coming. As a migraine suferer, when you have a migrain that is as severe as the last one was.  In a few days you will recieve another severe one on the other side.  It was severe and it lasted about 4 hours for the sickening part of it.

I went into work on Sunday after I left Suzie’s house to find that a varmit had chewed through a cable (the joys of working in a cornfield). ¬†It took me about 5 hours to locate the cable problem and by then it was too dark to fix it, so I waited untill Monday morning.

So I came in 2 hours early on Monday, so that I would have the network running by mid-morning.  So between Sunday and early monday I had worked an additional 8 hours.  However when I got my migraine at 10:00 and asked to go home.  Somehow I was filled with guilt! /sigh

Mariah Carey

I chose Mariah Carey becuase of today being St. Patrick’s Day. ¬†She has a lot of Irish heritage, and I figured she was a great pick today. ¬†She has to be pushing 50 years old, because I was singing her songs in elementary school. ¬†She definately doesn’t look the part.

Her style has changed¬†dramatically¬†over the years. ¬†When I was young every outfit she work had her belly showing and usually covered up her breasts. ¬†Now with a little help from the element chart (silicon). ¬†She has flip-flopped. ¬†She went a little large on the “puppies”, and she don’t mind them showing them off. ¬†Kudos to her plastic surgeon! ¬†God forbid she tried to live off of her voice talents. ¬†Which she has an exceptional voice!

I am not going to post my calories. ¬†I will only tell you that they are bad, and I can’t even backtrack and try to remember the crap that I put in my mouth. ¬†I will from this moment forward get rededicated, and try to get back out of this hole I am in.

Family Day – refreshed

Oh to relax!  Josh was back to work yesterday, with an agonizing cough.  I polished up the postscript project I had been writing, and worked on some loose ends that had came up during the project.

The good/bad thing about working in I.T.  Is that you can always band-aid things to get you by for awhile, the true measure of an I.T. department is how long you let things go band-aided.  There is never time for future projects, and so you yearn to move forward in an environment that keeps unraveling at the seams.  Between users, software updates, operating system updates, and customer needs.  There is never enough time to do everything.  So you choose!

After work I went to tan, then rushed home to see how my bathroom had progress. ¬†OMG! ¬†The big garden tub was in it’s place and it was plumbed for draining. ¬†This is the day I was waiting for. ¬†I literally fought an urge to start heating up buckets of water downstairs and haul them up the stairs to fill the tup and take a jetted bath! ¬†ūüôā ¬†We did mis-measure a litte on the hanging of the shower and that’s gonna knock us back a day on progress.

I took Dad to Ponderosa with the family. ¬†This seems to be my Thursday outing. ¬†It is a good time, although I need to lay off the jalepeno’s on my salad. ¬†I have been sticking to only my salad, but I am starting a bad habit of cleanin up the plate that landon didn’t eat everything off of, and this is a bad habit! ¬†It was only a meatball and some potatos, but then again…. It was a meatball and some potatoes (probably 250 calories!).

Went to Dad’s to watch Survivor and have some coffee (I am officially a junkie). ¬†The episode was o.k. ¬†no¬†spoilers¬†here! ¬†watch it if you wanna.

Went home and worked with Turtle’s homework, while glimpsing at Grey’s Anatomy. ¬†After Grey’s anatomy my wife and I watched “Up in the Air” with George Clooney. ¬†It is a really good watch.

ÔĽŅVera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga played the role of a professional business woman who had a very typical life at home (spoiler alert). ¬†She engages in a¬†relationship¬†that fulfills her professional needs as well with George Clooney. ¬†She really isn’t even a good supporting actress in this film. ¬†The film is great because of George Clooney’s character, but she does look good wearing nothing but his tie around her waist (Rambo Style).

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: soup and salad @ Richards in Hartford City (450); starburst (20)
Dinner: salad @ Ponderosa w kids leftovers and bun (850)
Late: eggar Madeggar /w sausage (600)

Total Calories: 2125 ūüėź
Total Exercise: 0 ūüė¶