Stop, Hammock Time!

Yes,  after work I spent about 20 minutes on the hammock while I steamed the grean beans.  It was awesome.  A little time to sharpen the saw!.

I cooked up some pork tenderloins on the grill, and headed to our leadership meeting for Celebrate Recovery @ The Rock.  The meeting lasted until 9:00.  So I went home and checked my email, and headed directly to bed.

Day 148
1 Samuel 21:1-23:29
John 18:1-24
Proverbs 13:10-19

Saul’s story: Win the race!  I am afraid by the end of his tenure, Saul was a tool of Satan.  It’s a slow fade.


Breakfast: Oatmeal (200); coffee (25)
Lunch: Chef’s Salad from Pizza King (550)
Dinner: grilled pork tenderloin, green beans, and mac and cheese (1100)
Late: 2 big bowls of Cherios (700)

Total Calories:  2575 😦   –stoopid late night
Total Exercise: 0


Jakey Breaky

The graphic designer on my team at work was taking pictures of engines, and when he was putting an engine back into it’s box, he pulled out his back.  He could not sit down, and you could tell he was in excruciating pain.  I took him to the hospital and didn’t get off work until late.

When I got home Dev had potatoes cooking on the grill, and we ate outside.  I then attached Landon’s cart to my bike and headed out for a bike ride with Landon in tow.  We probably went 5-6 miles, and it was a lot harder with him beside me.

When I got home I read another chapter in “Blue Like Jazz” about money, and I was convicted that I am terrible with God’s resources.

Day 147
1 Samuel 19:1-20:42
John 17:6-26
Psalm 68:7-14

I have one question about this reading: why did David and Michal have an idol at their house?

Breakfast: oatmeal (180); coffee (25)
Lunch:  Southwest Chicken salad (550)
Dinner: Potatoe and mac salad (1100)
Late: bowl of Corn Check (400)  — would love to cut this portion out of my daily habit

Total Calories:  2255 😐
Total Exercise: 5 miles (strength training) 🙂

Migraine Left Side

I have been saving for a new grill, but every time i get a couple of bucks together, something always comes up and takes away my saving.  I have been putting back 20 bucks a week.  So I had to fix my old grill, and I learned a vaulable lesson.  It is perfect!  I went an purchased a replacement burner, and while I had the burner out, I drilled some hole through the basin and mounted the basin to the frame much better and affixed it with bolts, rather than those tiny stubs they use which break.  I must say it took me a couple of hours an $36.25, but my old grill is looking and cooking like new.  I couldn’t be happier!

After I cooked up burgers, the family ate on the picnic table outside, and I took a bike ride!  I rode about 5 miles, and I ran into Bob Farling from my old church (I am sure you could search his name in my blog and find some stories on Vera’s homemade pumpkin pie).  I told him about my walk with Jesus in the current day, and man he smiled!

I ran down to Eric Hammers’ house (neighbor) and gave him some thing I had purchased for him (DSL modem, and a router).  When I got home I was doing a little work that needed done at the office (remotely), and I noticed my vision was messing up (migraine).  So I took a Vicodin and headed to bed, after watching the Cubbies finish off the Dodgers.

Day 146
1 Samuel 17:38-18:30
John 16:5-17:5
Psalm 68:1-6

–Old Testament: God uses David vs. Goliath to glorify him.  David is a humble servant therefore is God’s powerful tool.

–New Testament: Jesus speaks clearly and to the point with his disciples!  It’s time to pay attention to his words.

Breakfast: Oatmeal (150); coffee (25); milk (170)
Lunch: 2 tacos (700)
Dinner: 2 cheesebugers (700), macaroni salad (250); strawberries (100); yogurt (300)
Late: cheeseburger (450); milk /w cherios (250)

Total Calories: 3095 😦
Total Exercise: 5 miles on Bike 🙂

Vectren: Customer Service (2 thumbs down) LOL

So this morning I called Vectren to have my services disconnected.  We use natural gas as a second source of heating during the cold months only.  They have a pro-rate schedule when you disconnect and have it reconnected in a few months.  That charge is $60.00 (minus $11.25 for each month you wait to reconnect).  In our case it will be five months.

11.25 X 5 = 56.25 — Total Deduction of charge for waiting 5 months to reconnect
60.00 – 56.25 = 3.75 — This is the total fee for us to have it reconnected on October 25, 2010 ($3.75)

Ok now the funny part:  This phone rep told me it would be better off, not to have my service disconnected and just pay the minimum fee.  So I ask him, “why is that?”.  He said the price would offset the reconnect fee.  I laughed.  So I then ask him, “What is the standard minimum fee?”.  He says (emphasis on the quotes), ” Around 11 dollars and some change!”.

I said laughing, “eleven dollars and some change, huh.  You can’t get any more specific than that.”  He says if he tells me an exact amount it would be easy for us to call him a liar!  I think I should add that I currently have a credit on the account of $30.00.  So I don’t know whether they will issue me a check or keep the funds when I reconnect.  We will see.


I came home and hoppped on the lawnmower.  I only stopped to get me a ham sandwich (Thanks Dev).  I finished up at sundown, I set up the tiki torches and the bug light (hello summer).  I sat in my lawnchair untill dark.

Day 145
1 Samuel 16:1-17:37
John 15:1-16:4
Psalm 67:1-7

This is my first time reading about David.  I know the stories, but I’m anxious to read it entirely.

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Lunch: Chicken Club from McDonald’s (500)
Dinner: 2 ham sandwiches (700); macaroni salad (500); strawberries (200)
Late: big bowl of Cherrios (800)

Total Calories:  2905 😐 — The late night stuff has got to go!
Total Exercise: 2 hours of yardwork (hot and sweaty)

Dunkirk Jr. League Girls 10&Under (2-5)

We played a great game and beat the Muncie Chiefs this weekend.  Ka-Kay had a great game.  I got a little sick this weekend so I moped around the house most of Sunday.  Saturday we went and swam at the downtown YMCA.  Dev and I got into a small scuffle that turned into a big scuffle.

Day 142
1 Samuel 10:9-12:25
John 12:37-13:17
Psalm 66:1-12

I read this on Saturday, but didn’t blog it.

Day 143
1 Samuel 13:1-14:23
John 13:18-38
Psalm 66:13-20

Read this on Sunday before church.

Day 144
1 Samuel 14:24-15:35
John 14:1-31
Proverbs 12:28-13:9

Saul disobeys God, because he fears the World.  He lost his focus on God, and this is apparent when he builds statue of himself.

The Weight loss starts today, again!  LOL

Recovery Ministry @ The Rock

Well it’s official.  We are starting a new ministry and the Lord has blessed me with a leadership position in it.  I trust that he will give me the wisdom and resolve to stay in his word.  I get to be in a unique position with this ministry in that I will be going through some of it’s processes and learning; all the while, being a leader in the ministry.  Talk about accountability!

Day 141

1 Samuel 8:1-10:8
—  God has a plan for Saul to be king over all Israel, yet he comes from littlest clan, in the smallest tribe.  He begins his kingdom by chasing to donkeys.  I love the Lords’ irony!

John 12:12-36
— Hosanna!  save us, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.  I would like to see the triumphant entry when I am in heaven.

Psalm 65:1-13
—  David sings of how God prepares the world to enrich our lives  (food, living quarters, social)

Breakfast: 2 special K bars (180); coffee (25)
Snack: granola bar (140)
Lunch: 1 plate @ Panda Buffet and soup (1100)
Snack: granola bar (140); cereal (300)
Dinner:  2 beef and cheddar’s (700); Italian BMT (700)

Total Calories:  3285 😦 — This is ridiculous!  Matt C’mon Man!
Total Exercise: 0 — even more ridiculous.