I’m Back — after a long pause

2 Kings 23:1-24:7
Romans 1:1-17
Psalm 84:1-7

I have been waiting for a king to come along that did right in the eyes of the lord (Josiah).  I was anxious for God to show mercy, but I think by the time Josiah came to be king Judah (and Israel) had already done to much damage.

I am suprised that Paul’s first couple chapters didn’t offend the Romans, there are two parts that seem a little abrasive.  First, he claims that he must present his case to the intelligent and to the foolish.  Second, he claims that his duty is first the the Jews, then to the Gentiles.

I am preparing to take the family on vacation to Chicago on Sunday.  I will be taking off from work on Friday, and I am unsettled with much anticipation.


Church splits and arguments

Acts 15: 36-41

I have been a member of churches that were at odds with each other.  Usually the elders vs. the newbies.

This piece of scripture reminds me that God has his hand in everything.  Paul and Barnabus were both filled with the spirit,  they were both saints.  They were both unselfish and discipled without fear of persecution.  However, they were in disagreement, and at that point they split up.

However, knowing the rest of the story sheds some light on the situation.  The rest of the story ends by billions and billions of people knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, and accepting him as their Lord and savior.  Thanks be to Paul and Barnabus both.

God knew the Church needed to grow, so he wedged himself between his two favored saints, and forced them to magnify his glory; independently.  Praise God for his sovereignty.