Colts Vs. Chargers – 11/28/2010

Colts are about ready to score, it will be one of the only times ūüė¶

I went to the game on Sunday!  My first time to Lucas Oil Stadium.  I had a great time, and had great company.

The Colts took a pounding, and I had a lady behind me that was a spot on match to Chandler Bing’s girlfriend in the sitcom Friends, she was named Janice! ¬†She had a nasal sounding high pitched voice, and she was all the time saying “Oh my God!”. ¬†I stopped counting after she had said it 50 times! I am not joking. ¬†It had all of us in front of her laughing on her behalf, but she was too drunk to notice. ¬†The people in front of me would literally hear her say it and turn around to me, and ask me if I added that one to my list. ¬†I would knod with a smile!

Thanks be to Rob Padgett for the great seats, and the fine dining the came before the game! ¬†Rob invited me along with two other of his friends: Kenny Estep, and Brian. ¬†Brian owns a barber shop on the¬†south side¬†of¬†Muncie, named “Maxwells Barber Shop”. ¬†He was a great person to go with. ¬†Him and I hit it off really well.



Zambucas – Italian Pub in Fort Wayne

All I can say is Wow!  This place is great.

It is not your typical restaraunt, as the setting is more of a bar. ¬†It’s elegant, but the lights are dim and the tables are well spaced in an open enviroment. ¬†Their are large TV’s at every turn and the radio station was playing 90’s hits like “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe. ¬†I was settled in at the bar and expected some greasy pub style food from the back, ¬†When the bartender brought us our ciabatta bread I was certainly suprised, but still not anticipating what we got in the entree.

Seafood Calzone from Zambucas

That is no little fork! ūüôā

I ordered The seafood Calzone, and this thing was humongous! ¬†Not only was it large but it was great. ¬†The dough was cooked to perfection (there wasn’t a burnt spot on the outside. ¬†The tips of the calzone were as moist as the center. ¬†It was cooked slow and there weren’t any hotspots. ¬†The white sauce in my calzone complimented the crab, shrimp, and tomatoes perfectly.

Alice had an Italian calzone, and he also complimented it’s taste as well as the preparation qualities. ¬†We (Alice and I) are both pretty big men, and we only got to about half of the¬†calzone¬†at the¬†restaurant. ¬†However, I took the other half home and warmed it up about 9:00 PM, and it was still delicious.

I also had ordered a caramel cheesecake as dessert, and again I was pleasantly suprised.  The cheescake was served on a full plate, and they placed a caramel design on the entire plate, just like a fancy restaraunt.

I felt like I was living the best of both worlds.  In one world I was in a real-time pub, and the fellas across from me at the bar were sipping on some Budweisers, yet I was eating like a king, and the environment was well suited for both!  I will have to visit them again on a Friday night to see what the party life brings.  I noticed a disco ball and a dance floor, so I would bet this place gets rockin on Friday nights.

I will definitely find myself at this place again!  The sooner the better.

God of love, can be mean!

As I read through the Old Testament, I have found myself from time to time saying to myself, “God is mean”. ¬†I then correct myself and know that I have a love for God, and he a love for me. ¬†As I thought about this more and more, and as I continue to read through the Old Testament. ¬†I have found that God hates sin.

I am currently reading through Ezekiel, and I am astonished how God has turned his back on his chosen people and has brought chaos into their life. ¬†I also know that through “the law” that no man can be saved, only through faith. ¬†So why the trials?

I have came to two different related conclusions as to why the trials of Judah and Jerusalem.

1.) ¬†First, Jesus has commanded us to love each other as brothers and sisters, and to leave vengeance to the Lord. ¬†Well, as for me it’s easy to do! ¬†Why? ¬†Because the God of the Old Testament, was a God of vengeance! ¬†His plan was and would’be been far greater than mine. ¬†Simply put. ¬†God (in the past) had brought vengence on those who didn’t walk in his ways, so he can handle it on his own. ¬†The proof is in the Old Testament.

2.) Proof!, ¬†The Old Testament is proof that we can’t do it on our deeds alone! ¬†Even if God speaks directly to us, and our faces our burnt by his presence. ¬†We will eventually fail! ¬†It is impossible for us to mirror God’s glory on our own behalf. ¬†We must have a mediator, and thank God that mediator is Jesus. ¬†The blameless sheep who pinned himself to the cross.

So, why is God mean?  Because he loves us!  Like a loving father seems unfair to his son, in order to prepare him for victory in the future.

Decision Points: George W. Bush

I miss the days when President’s and ex-President’s had honor. ¬†I just read that George W. Bush has sold 200 billion copies of his new book. ¬†So In today’s modern times a person buy his way into the presidency, screw up the nation, wage unreasonable wars (Iraq), then write a book for huge profit on why he decided to do it.

Gosh, just think if President Nixon were aware of this! ¬†He would’ve written the all time bestseller titled “Ethical Points”.

bush rich scewing up america

Bush is cashing in by selling his stupidty... now that's smart!


Stuart’s awesome painting

Stuart Phillips is one of those guys at work that leads by example.  He is a salesmen during the day and a family man/church leader by night.  I have worked with him for over 6 years and I have never seen him upset.  He came up to my office today and showed me a painting he had painted.  So I felt obliged to show.

Indian burial painting

Stuart's Warriror burial

The painting depicts a native american warrior whose tomb is above his horse.  The idea of this type of burial is that the warrior and the horse will be returned together into the soil.  Consequently the humus-rich soil becomes food for the Buffalo, therefore symbolizing the precious circle of life.

Democrats — hold you head high

Sometimes to be the good guy, you have to play the role of the bad guy.  The legislature that was passed in the past two years will be earth shattering in the years to come.  Health care reform, education initiatives, and global environment awareness all come at a price, but the ends will justify the means.

The “baby-boomer” generation is in control and even though they were once a very democratic generation, they have became spoiled and set in their ways. ¬†They own the population and sit on a throne that is provided by social security (a democratic ground breaker that was their young generation).

What we have accomplished is fine. ¬†The republicans played a good role, but now they no longer will have us to blame for our nation’s issues. ¬†They have a legitimate amount of control.

Democratic Party: I want to personally thank you for a job well done!