Lil Dudes Christmas Prayer

My wifes family is a very secular family, and as such; speaking about God has always been a “no no” .   Well, leave it to the Innocence of a young child who is unfamiliar with all the judgment on this world, to be a hero.

When Christmas breakfast was served, He insisted on grabbing each of our hands and stating prayer.  Which is not all that uncommon at our house, but usually not done when we have company; due to social pride.  Landon being completely unaware of the secular environment, opted to say the prayer himself after a little encouragement from all of us.

I don’t remember the prayer completely but I will try and reproduce it as close as I can:

“Dear God,

Thank you this food, and thank you for the presents, and thank you for going to mamaw Burress’s; Amen.”

I was so proud of him.