“The art of racing in the rain” — Garth Stein

I will never claim to be a literary genius, nor an abstract thinker.  I typically don’t embrace, nor try to speak about literature and poetry and artistic things of their nature.  But now that I have that off my chest, I feel obligated to spread the word on what an amazing book Mr. Stein has written, and how it relates to every aspect of my life!

Garth Stein

One of the best books I have read

Enzo (the philosophical dog) was a character that was not only appealing to our hearts, he was able to portray the truth about our social chemistry.   This book was not only a tear jerking, knee slapping, emtional joyride  — it will effect my life (in a positive way).

This book has everything from a lonely dog, to a World Cup race car driver.  Don’t forget about the courtroom drama, and the daily responsibilities of the protagonist.  Life is hard, and is never won in the first turn of the race.

I will take so much from this book, as I will be watching for Zebras on a daily basis (please drop a note if you understand this — I would love to hear from other readers).


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