Funny ad in the Muncie Star Press today

I realize my humor is askew.  I hope you guys see the irony in this.

Discover the Savings from A to Z…. Er maybe “V”… Uh, skip the “D” and “L”, “N”, “O”, and “P”…. “Ah forget it!….. 🙂

Here is my theory on how this happens:

Over-Paid Exec @ corporate office for Gannett: “Let’s have our individual sales reps do a blanket A to Z ad, and give them a small commission for each ad.  We’ll charge $50 a piece for each ad, and we’ll be able to get $1,300.00 ($50 X 26)for a 3/4 page!”

Local Manager in Muncie: “Hey, Rob….  I got’s a small project fer ya………”

Rob (sales rep in Muncie): I’ll do my best!

—-Meanwhile Rob gets on the phone and works his tail to the bone and even gets a little creative, pushing company’s like Chef’s Choice into “G”.  Why?  Cuz they sell grills, that’s why!  Oh and Coovert already has the “C” spot.

P.S.  I do like the handyman graphic! 🙂


Wednesday 6/15/2011

It was a chilly day for the middle of summer.  The rain seemed to lay low in the clouds with a few thunder claps.  The wind was coming out of the east, but the afternoon things improved when the sun came out.

We held a Bible study and Tony Holcolm came over and brought his two boys.  We talked for about an hour on the study, then the kids jumped in the pool as I took Tony on a golf cart ride through Dunkirk.

When they left, and went in and started reading the next few chapters in “The Grapes of Wrath”.


Breakfast: 3 special K bars & coffee (320)
Lunch: 2 lean pockets, chips and fruit (1000)
Dinner: Tomato soup and grilled cheese with salad (1400)
Late: cookies and milk (650)

Total Calories:  3370 😦  need to start dropping the late snacks
Total Exercise: zero 😦
Total Cokes: zero 🙂
Total Water: zero 😦

Tuesday 6-14-2011

What a blur of a day,
All work ‘n no play.
Started my day in the usual way,
Coffee help steady the morning sway.

My phone seemed like a fly in my ear.
Footsteps on the balcony, hurrying paces.
The tempo increases when flames are near.
The clocks giggle with their defiant faces.

Head home with fury to keep up with the Jones’es.
My lawn is a jungle, and the monkeys a’ swimmin,
With rod in a hand, I threaten to break bones’es
Sweat on my brow, the light begins dimming.

No rest for me now, I must head to the fields.
My monkey rides pine, as my mind starts to wander,
Oh! the digits on my wrist, and how they now yield.
Monkey 2 now plays over yonder.

I sit on the fence, between both the diamonds.
My head an owl’s, as the wind becomes frigid.
I sit and I stand as my body starts whine’n.
My peers heckle the stripes, and their voices turn livid.

We trudge, arm in arm as our chariot awaits.
We pull into our abode and the losses seem distant.
It’s a quick fridge romp and we shed off our plates.
I fall into feathers, in the fraction of an instant.


Breakfast: 3 special K bars &  coffee  (320)
Lunch: 2 Soft Tacos (700)
Dinner: Ballpark Nachos and breadstix (900)
Late: Breakfast Biscuit & 2 sausages (800)

Total Calories:  2720 — Better 🙂
Total Exercise: mowed and trimmed the yard 🙂
Total Cokes: zero 🙂

Monday — 6/13/2011

The day started our really nice, the temperature was in the low 60’s and the breeze was pleasant.  Today was the day our new HR lady was coming into the office, so I wanted to make sure everything was ready for her.  She will be my new office neighbor, so I want to go out of my way to be neighborly.  I already know her, so that helps.

Roy invited me to Pizza King to indoctrinate Brenda into the manager’s group, and the lunch was real pleasant.

Back at work, we had a couple of hiccups with service on our Intranet site, but soon found the source and put out those fires.

After work, Lori was having 4 friends over to stay the night, and Landon had a few friends over himself.  So the pool was full of  kids!  They were loud and screaming and splashing, so I ducked into my garage and took refuge!  My wife cooked up dinner and we ate, then went on a golf cart cruise through the town.  There wasn’t much going on in the big city of Dunkirk.  We always drive by Dad’s and he was out working on his truck.  He had purchased three new tires and he was comparing/contrasting which old tire he was to preserve for further use.

We shot back home, and I showed Devon the deal on the Barnes and Noble Nook.  It was a 3G and wifi model for 79 bucks.  So she enabled me to purchase two of them!  Woot!  for real! 🙂



I know you have all seen this before, but here I go again!  It’s Diet time!

I am starting with eliminating Cokes and trying to limit my calories to 2500/day.

Breakfast: 3 Special K Bars (270), 2 Cups of Coffee (50)
Lunch: Pizza King in Dunkirk-Salad w/fr. dressing, and dry breadsticks (850)
Snack: 2 hot dogs (900)
Dinner: Chicken fajitas, refried beans, spanish rice. (1850)

Total Calories: 3920 😦    — That’s enough for two people!
Total Exercise: I cleaned my garage out all night, didn’t go in until dark
Total Carbonated Beverages: none 🙂