Lent — for the first time

I have decided to give up my Facebook account for Lent.  I was checking my Facebook page about 4 times a day and it takes me about 5 minutes each time.  So as I was searching for something to give away so I can be closer to God, it seemed pretty clear.

I hope I use these dedicated times to speak with my father in heaven, rather than using this for other purposes.


I fell up!

I hadn’t wrote in awhile and for all my loyal readers (1, Love ya Dad).  Somehow, I couldn’t bring myself to type in my blog when my life was in flex.  Those of you that know me well, know that one of my favorite sayings is “If you don’t know what to say, I think it’s best to say nothing at all”.

To use this blog as a journal I must tell you that I am now employed (since Jan. 5) at Mutual Bank in Muncie as the IT Project Coordinator.  I am excited about this opportunity and feel that God has personally placed me in this position.

I lost my position with Small Engine Warehouse in August of 2011, and immediately found a position in Louisville, working @ Humana in the I.T. audit department.  Devon and I were fully prepared to move the family to Louisville and we had our house picked out.  In one week prior to me starting, there was a paperwork issue at Humana, and that paperwork issue impeded the process of my hiring date and ultimately diminished my opportunity to work there (I don’t want to go into detail publicly on this, but the paperwork error was on my end and I understood that it would dampen my ability to work there).

Labor day weekend Rae and Jeff invited me to their vacation home in Nineveh, Indiana, and I enjoyed that weekend very much, but on Tuesday after the weekend was over I built an office in my home and called Humana and told them that I was going to stay in Indiana!

So the following Wednesday morning I sat in my office with my Bible that pastor (Jeff Horsman) gave me.  The Bible was a 365 day Bible so I opened it to September 8 and the chapter was Isaiah 30:23 — “He will also send you rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the food that comes from the land will be rich and plentiful. In that day your cattle will graze broad meadows.”

How weird is that?  The first chapter spoke about sowing seed and God providing!  So I gave it to God.  I promised him that morning that I would raise up every morning @7:00 AM and I would spend at least 8 hours every day in my office figuring out how to provide for my family.

The months that followed slowly morphed into two businesses: 1 being “A Geek & A Van” and the other being “Moonlite Signs”.  I became busy with both businesses and was making enough money to keep the family afloat (it was not near what I was used to making).  I kept my focus on God and continued working as my jobs kept coming in and slowly and surely every month my revenue was increasing.

On November 7 I read a tweet by a local acquaintance from Muncie (Gary Kern) who was looking for a project manager for Mutual Bank.  I immediately responded to his tweet and he directed me to post my resume online.

Not long after a lovely voice called me while travelling from New Castle on a December morning!  It was Jayne Powers and she wanted to set up an interview, and I had a feeling my gut that seemed right.  The process went very smoothly and before you know it, I was starting on Jan. 5th @ Mutual Bank for the Project Coordinator Position.

I have now been here over a month, I must tell you.  I love it!  I had a busy spell winding down my business and coaching middle school basketball all while working.  I wouldn’t trade that for the world though!.

So that is the story of the last 6 months of my life on one page!  There are highs and lows that I don’t have the skill to express in black and white.  I do know one thing for certain: God will provide for me if I do the work.  I may not understand the trial, but I will obey.

P.S. I am thankful most for my loving wife, who unconditionally supported me through every second of this!