The middle class war — health insurance

This is not a political rant!

Yes / No  (circle one) :  Is your spouse able to receive health insurance coverage through his/her employer?

In the past year many insurance companies are forcing the covered employees to have their spouses covered by their own employer’s health insurance offerings, regardless of which one is better.  This policy is the single most counter productive policy that insurance companies have put into place since the infamous “pre-existing condition” clause.

First let us analyze what this does to working class families.  It more than doubles the amount of health care premiums a family has been paying in years prior to the policy, but it also doubles the amount of the deductible and ‘out of pocket’ expenses on a single family.

This policy alone is targeting the middle class families with hard working parents.  Let me explain in detail.  The upper class (executive) families typically have a stay-at-home mother who doesn’t have this option available since she is not employed (I don’t want to misconstrue the facts, stay-at-home mothers work very hard).

What this policy would do for my family: We would be forced to have my wife quit her job and stay at home.  She currently works for medical coverage and her take-home pay hardly covers the cost of childcare and gas.  So if her company opts to take this policy she would have to resign her post and I would be forced to take the family health insurance policy from my employer.

I don’t understand why this policy is legal!  Also, I don’t understand why the middle class is not fighting it!  They will fight for a  tax reduction, but they won’t fight for a 100% healthcare increase, in which the average american household (/w 2 children) pays over $2500 per year on healthcare premiums /w deductible.

Families that have been forced to have “dual-spouse” healthcare are paying nearly $5,000 per year to accommodate for this policy.  Conversely, the tax reduction currently on the table only affects the average american by costing the American family $1300 per year.

Attention middle class families with two working parents!  If your family is not affected yet…. just wait…. it’s coming!

We really need to figure out how to come together and make a difference. I’m growing weary of the middle class always holding up the tent.  Just for once I want to sit and watch the circus myself 🙂 .