Cocoa the Wonder Puppy

There is a new sound (and smell ) around the Weaver house.  We have adopted a new puppy!

There isn't anything wrong with his eye.  The camera just happened to catch him winking.

There isn’t anything wrong with his eye. The camera just happened to catch him winking.

On New Year’s day we did our yearly goal planning as a family and we determined that we wanted to get a puppy this summer to train while the kids were out on summer break.  We also determined in February that we wanted to try to get a chocolate lab.

I was out in the country working in my boat this Saturday, and this adorable brown blur was jumping on my leg.  It was love at first sight.  I immediately told Bill (home owner) that this was a beautiful dog, and he immediately replied “take him home with you, he showed up 2 weeks ago on my front porch.  Someone must’ve dropped him off.  I get dogs all the time, but eventually they get out on the road and they get killed.”

I knew right away I had to take pictures and show the family.  After about an hour of deliberation (including a visit from my mom and dad).  We had made a decision.  Kaelyn, Bud-Dude, and I went out to pick up the puppy on one condition.  We needed to make sure he didn’t get car sick.  So we drove around for an hour, and he traveled perfectly.

So now my house is riddled with ‘squeak’ toys, bones, and ropes.  He is a fun loving dog, without a hint of aggressiveness.  Kismet hasn’t taken to him yet, but she is old (12) and set in her ways.  He’s just a little high strung for her taste.

We have a lot of work in front of us.  The current training goals are:

  1. Potty training (he currently is getting an ‘F’)
  2. Teach him not to jump up on people (also in the ‘F’ category)



I think Cocos is mostly a lab with a bit of blue tick in him, does anybody notice in other breeds?  My father is happy we rescued a dog rather than purchasing one from a puppy farm.  I had planned on purchasing one, but that was before a seen Cocoa, the wonder puppy!