Hawt Chic 2015 Lineup


Avatar has an arrow on her head, and is a much lighter colored than the other chicks.


DJ and Sparrow (see below) are both marked on the heads with pirate figures, so we have deemed them both pirates.  We intend to put a sign on the chicken coop titled “Davy Jones’s Locker”.


Ling-Ling is notorious for having a gastro-intestinal intervention every time she is in a social encounter with the human species.  But don’t let her shameful odoriferous actions fool you.  She is very pretty and a formidable part of our lineup.


Pip is coined from the book “Great Expectations” due to the fact that she is very pretty and very strong.  We expect great things from her.


Plankton has an ugly name, but she makes up for it, with her modeling presence.

Her name came from the fact that she had black spots on her beak where her breathe holes are, and her ‘nose wasn’t clean’.  This lead to us saying that Plankton (Spongebob Character) looks like a booger!



Sparrow is also a ‘pirate’ character due to the marking on her head.  She is named after the infamous Cap’n Jack Sparrow, and is expected to be colorful and is an overall favorite in our family.  I feel her presence will be hard to match.


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