Switching to Ting Cellular Service – A Bad Mistake that Get’s worse –

My wife and I recently decided to try to trim some expenses because we were upset about the new $30 upgrade charge with Verizon Wireless.  In hindsight, I would now be glad to pay $500 to undo my decision.

We found a company called Ting and their website looked attractive. It was sales focused and I kinda felt like a “hippy” signing up for their services.  When you first call, you get an upbeat message claiming that they are “Really” sorry they put you on hold and confess to not meeting your expectations… I know “hippy” right.  Well, I got a good feeling and we switched.

First off, I had to purchase my phones from Ting at a premium.  I paid $280 for my first phone (iPhone 5c), and $320 for my daughter’s phone (iPhone 5c).  I got the phones in the mail and my first phone wouldn’t activate so I had to send it back (I wish I’d of seen the writing on the wall right there)… But it gets worse…. much worse!!!

So I finally get my phone a couple weeks later and they couldn’t port my number…  So I settled for a new Ting number…  I think it would be good to add that now I have called their support four times and every time I get the same message that they are not meeting my expectation.  However the average hold time was over 35 minutes for each call!!  (Way worse than Verizon Wireless).

After the first month I looked at the site and I was floored by the charges.  I was going to be paying more than I did at Verizon!  So I underestimated my daughter’s dependency on text messages (this I can take blame for)…   We then developed a texting strategy and I was able to throttle her messages via the online control panel for the devices (this is the only thing good I can say about Ting).

The next few months were a period of high bills and trying to develop a strategy to combat the usage charges.  This coupled with the fact that I live in Jay County, Indiana and the Ting coverage is weak.  So I had to go out on my front porch to take calls.

So after months of this, I decided to go back to Verizon… I know simple right??  Not!!!!

The phone I purchased (directly from Ting) was locked by Sprint!  Don’t ask me how Sprint came into the picture..  Still trying to figure that one out myself.  So bascially the money ($500+) that I spent on them was a waste.  I still have the phones by the way, if anybody is interested?  However I would recommend saving your money and steering clear of Ting…  So I’m going to have eat that cost.

I wish it stopped there, but it doesn’t….  In order for me to keep the numbers from Ting and transfer them to Verizon, it took 12 support calls (between Verizon and Ting).  This is probably at least 3.5 hours of phone calls to get this done.  Then Ting ported the wrong number!  I feel sorry for the customer that lost their service, because they ported one of their customers but not ours.  This shows how unprofessional and unorganized they are.

I wish I could tell you this was the end….. but it’s not.  We cancelled our service through the support system on the phone, but failed to….  So today we got dinged for another charge (automatically) when we cancelled our service a month ago.  When we called them (and yes same message and yes we waited 20-30 mins) they said it can take awhile for the towers to process data and messaging usage so they had to extend our service dates, and they were unwilling to refund the money.

So to summarize.  I tried to switch from Verizon Wireless to Ting and ended up paying more than $750 more than I would paid if I would’ve just stayed with Verizon.  The customer service was lousy, and they cellular reception service was terrible.

Avoid at your peril.