10/2/2016 Sunday Fitness Update

Welcome to my first week of updates on my blog.  I have temporarily turned off my Facebook account.  If you found me here, I appreciate your encouragement.  I’ve been at this for five months now!   How awesome is that???

My goal was to ride my bike five days this week, and I rode four.  I am feeling good about it though.  I had some late nights, due to work and they included a lot of walking.  So, I’ll take it.

On Friday I got caught in a cold downpour and Devon came and saved me in her Durango.  Upon arriving at home, I brought my bike into my bedroom and mounted it on my internal trainer.  I then found an awesome service online!  A guy video tapes his bike rides in exotic places (e.g., Cayman Islands, Hawaii, Alps) and then creates a first person video with high tempo music.  I threw the video onto my 52″ TV using Goggle Chromecast(tm) and I finished my ride in the virtual Grand Cayman Islands.  It was amazing!

Next Weeks Goal: 5 Days of biking
Diet Goal: Track my food intake & drink 8 cups of water