Active Participant in your own Recovery


Kaelyn is top row, left side.

“You have to be an active participant in your own recovery,” bellowed through the Padgett Pavilion as Ginger Lingenfelter tutored my daughter in the ways of volleyball.  As I sat in the balcony and listened to Ginger train my child.  I realized,  it was more important than volleyball.  Ginger was preaching life lessons!

Some wonder why parents pour so many resources on our children’s sports at such a young age.   Kaelyn has been active in volleyball since she was nine years old.  If I would’ve saved the money I’ve spent on her vollyeball training, I could send her to any college in the country.  So why do it then?


Kaelyn (left) & Chloe (right)

Truth is, it’s not about college, nor is it about a career.  It’s about life.  It’s about lessons that build character.  I’ve watched my young princess bud and blossom into a successful young adult.  She’s had plenty of setbacks.  She’s had unjust coaches.  One summer we spent countless hours; and dollars, to watch her set the bench the whole time, but she didn’t give up.  She worked harder. It pushed her more, and I’m proud to announce this year she’s been asked to be the captain of her peers.  Five years ago we switched to Wave Volleyball Club in Muncie, and Matt Curts and Misti Stevens have poured their hearts into my child.  They’ve equipped her for what she needs on the volleyball court, but more importantly they taught her to be successful.


Competing Cousins: Kaelyn(left) and Micah (right)

Thank you to all of the coaches that have helped my daughter succeed.  And yes, even Kelly Marchello (Munciana coach).  For it was you that might’ve taught her the best lesson of all, when she was twelve.  Life isn’t fair, but when you get beat down, or make a mistake; it’s your choice what to do next.  I’m so proud of my baby girl.  She didn’t give up and she’s come so far!


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